#ResetReality and Recover from Opioid Dependence

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Addiction is a funny thing. It is something that can make you literally leave behind the things and people that meant the world to you, and it becomes an all consuming need. How do I know? I have watched it happen first hand. My ex-husband and the father of my oldest three boys was addicted to a variety of substances, and in the end, he lost is family and finally his life shortly after his 30th birthday. It is heartbreaking to watch someone you love go through the struggles of addiction and watch them forsake you and your family for the substances their body and mind craves. There is now help available for those with opioid dependence though. ResetReality.com is an online resource designed to help those addicted to prescription painkillers reset their reality and reclaim their life.

{Reset Reality and Online Resource for Recovery}

Opioid Dependence is so dangerous, because often those suffering from it are not aware that they even have a problem. They often believe that because they are prescribed a substance, the addiction is warranted and not an issue. Once they get to the point where they want to break free, they may feel ashamed to embarrassed to ask for help. ResetReality.com is an online website that provides resources for those who want to break free from their addiction to prescription painkillers.

The website contains a symptom screener, resources to help you find a doctor that specializes in opioid dependence treatment, and even a "Words of Reality" section, where the success stories of those who have beat this addiction are shared. For instance, did you know that Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino suffered from opioid dependence? In the Words of Reality section, his story among others is shared to help inspire others to stop, take a minute to think and reset their reality to get help.

If you or someone you know is suffering from opioid dependence, please stop by the Reset Reality site and take a step towards resetting your reality today!

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  1. Sadly, I've seen this sneak up on a number of people in my life.

  2. Thanks for sharing this important info. I'm sure many people deal with this.



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