Proper Care for Contact Lenses & Prescription Glasses: Get Tips on Maintaining Your Eyewear

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If you wear contact lenses or prescription glasses, you know how important it is to take good care of them. After all, doing damage may mean replacing them and possibly going a day or two without them. And, since they’re such an essential piece of your day-to-day life, this would be a major inconvenience. Proper care for contacts and glasses isn’t difficult. Take a look at some basic tips for taking care of these essential vision correctors.

Proper Care for Contact Lenses

Improper care for contact lenses is one of the main risk factors for eye infections. The risk varies based on the type of lens with single-use daily disposables being the safest option since they require virtually no care or maintenance. But for other contact lens varieties, appropriate cleaning and handling are crucial. Below are some basic guidelines to follow when caring for your contact lenses.

  • Follow the schedule provided by your eye care professional for wear and replacement.
  • Always handle contact lenses with clean hands that are free from lint, pet hair or other debris that could be transferred onto the contact lens.
  • Only clean and store in contact lens solution, not rewetting drops or water.
  • When cleaning, rinse and rub contact lenses with solution before placing them in their case for storage and soaking. Even if your brand of contact lens solution is labeled as “no rub,” most experts tout that rubbing is still an important part of cleaning.
  • When your contacts are not being stored, clean your case with fresh solution rather than water, and leave the lids off so it can air dry.
  • Replace contact lens cases about every three months. Cases are often a source of lens contamination.

Proper Care for Prescription Glasses

For many people, prescription glasses are an investment they keep for several years and wear every day. So, proper care for them is essential to ensure they remain in good shape for the long haul. Follow these cleaning and maintenance tips to keep your prescription glasses protected.

  • Clean lenses with a micro-fiber cloth specifically designed for eyeglasses. Make sure you keep the cloth enclosed in a case or plastic sleeve so it doesn’t collect dust that can be transferred onto your lenses.
  • If you need something a little stronger to clean your lenses with, use dish soap and water or eyeglasses lens cleaner. Do not use glass cleaners intended for cleaning your windows at home as these chemicals are too harsh for prescription glasses.
  • You can also use dish soap and water to clean your frames by lathering your hands with it and wiping the frames. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly afterward and dry them with a cotton towel.
  • Avoid wiping your lenses with things like paper towels, bath towels or toilet paper. Such surfaces are too harsh for delicate eyeglass lenses and can scratch even those protected with an anti-scratch coating.
  • Always store your eyeglasses in a hardcover case. Most prescription glasses come with one upon purchase, and they do a far better job at preventing damage when dropped than the soft-cover variety.
  • To properly maintain your glasses over time, get them adjusted periodically by an optician. This will help with identifying loose screws, misalignment or other issues that can lead to ill-fitting glasses which can contribute to eyestrain.

Well cared-for eyewear will not only function better, but last longer. Make cleaning and maintenance for your prescription glasses and contacts a daily habit and it will naturally become part of your regular routine. It will be well worth the time to protect your investment as well as your eye health.

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  1. I learned that the hard way with old glasses about not using too abrasive of a cloth to dry them. Now I'm super careful!

  2. Great tips! I use to work in an eye doctors office...

  3. Thanks for all the tips, I think I am in need so I will take all the help I can get! thanks for sharing!

  4. I use to wear contact lenses but they always bothered my eyes, but great tips.

  5. I wear contacts and glasses, and honestly, I'm probably too harsh with both

  6. I've never had contacts... I'm usually the one looking for someone's lost one

  7. These are great tips. My husband wears contacts and they can be pretty expensive.

  8. I am so bad at cleaning my contacts, I always just put them in the case.

  9. I used contacts when I was younger, just to change my eye color, and I was horrible at remembering to clean them.



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