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The new year is quickly approaching and I need more time! I still haven't met my resolution goal from this year. Who am I kidding, the resolution always seems to be the same. I want to lose weight. I have tried a million different ways to do it and have even found success a time or two, but I always seem to eventually end up right back in the same weight range when it's all said and done. I have vowed though that 2014 is going to be different. One of the things I have been considering is the new Nutrisystem® My Way® program with the included Fast 5 week. One of my biggest hangups in weight loss is not knowing what to eat, when and how much. A program like this takes the guess work away!

{Nutrisystem My Way and Fast 5 - What You Need to Know}

The Nutrisystem My Way program is a new 28-day plan that uses a science-backed algorithm to estimate each customer's unique metabolic rate and tailor a program designed just for them to meet their metabolic needs and help them lose weight more effectively. This makes perfect sense to me. I mean, no two people are alike in every way, so why should weight loss programs only have one cookie cutter plan meant to help everyone at once?
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To go with the My Way program, there is the Nutrisystem Fast 5. This would be your very first week on Nutrisystem. It is a one week kick-off plan that is meant to jump start your weight loss. The Fast 5 week is included for free when you purchase a 28 day Nutrisystem My Way program. Best of all, they guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can call in the first 14 days and return the remainder of your food for a full refund! New EnergiZING and Craving Crusher shakes to help you gain more energy and fight off cravings during your first week on the program.

If you're like me, everything has to be there and prepared, or the temptation to cheat and take the easy way out is just too strong to pass up. Having the meals ready, prepared and tailored to meet my specific metabolic needs is intriguing to me, and may be just what I need to make progress in my fight against fat.
Have you tried Nutrisystem before, or are you thinking about it?

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  1. I haven't thought about new years resolutions yet but I am a lot like you. If it isn't easy and handy, I usually grab for the wrong options.



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