Giving Kids a Global Perspective with #ChannelOneNews

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I was compensated for my time and effort in providing my honest opinion of Channel One News. All opinions are my own. 

Tragedy struck the Philippines on November 8th when a typhoon called Haiyan devastated the country, killing thousands of people. While most children probably picked up bits and pieces of what was going on from parents, teachers and media sources, very few of them actually understood what was going on. Why? Because, situations like this have very little if any impact on their own personal lives. Children often have a very "close to home" view of the world. In fact, very few likely could even point the Philippines out on a map. Channel One News works to change that, and get kids involved in knowing and caring about global news issues.

How do they do that? Channel One News provides correspondents that children have gotten to know over the course of watching their news presentations, who go out to report the news on a level they can understand. They also use additional resources like maps and videos to help put an enormous disaster like typhoon Haiyan into terms that children can grasp, and help them become familiar with different countries and its people.

We are studying American history this year in our homeschool social studies class. Before our summer trip last year, the boys had very little idea of what other parts of even our own country looked like or the issues that affected it. They got to see first hand the devastation of forest fires that were raging in other states, and the aftermath of the tornadoes in Oklahoma. Most children don't have this ability to experience what their country or the world around them has going on. Channel One News delivers a global and even nationwide perspective right to your home computer, and better yet, they do it by relating to your children and helping them understand difficult news topics in ways they can understand.

I encourage you to register for Channel One News with your kids (be sure to choose parent from the list), and help them gain a perspective of the world outside of your small neighborhood, city or even state. It is important for children to understand what is going on in the world around them in a safe learning environment. A good starting point would be discussing ways you could start a drive or help victims of the typhoon in the Philippines.

How do you help your children gain knowledge about what is happening in the world around them?

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  1. We talk about it. I try not to let them watch the news all that much unless it's something that I feel they need to see.

  2. My daughter doesn't want to watch the news because it makes her sad, but I try to keep her informed.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. It sounds like a great way to try and have an open conversation with the kids about the situation.

  4. M is young still but I can't handle the news myself.. I'm hoping the world is better when she can understand it all but that's a long shot :(

  5. This is perfect for parents of younger children.

  6. I tell my kids about what is going on and show them clips from the news. When I explain it to them, I try to use simple language that they can understand because they're so young.

  7. We like to talk about positive things happening and try not to focus too much on the negative of what is going on around us.



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