A Better Way to Keep Track of Kids' Health Information

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Remember the old days when everything was on paper? Each time you took your child to the doctor for a check-up, there was a new paper to file, you wanted to keep track of their height, get out the marker and make another mark on the hallway wall. Well, now there is a better way to keep track of all your child's health information. The Children's Wellness App developed by the creators of TYLENOL® AND MOTRIN® keeps all of your child's health information in one convenient spot.

{Children's Health and Wellness App}

The new health and wellness app for kids developed by the makers of TYLENOL® really is a simple go to location for storing everything from your child's updated height and weight to their shot records and even symptoms. You can use it for long term computing or for short term issues. The app includes:
  • Dosing Calculator - so you always get accurate and up-to-date dosing information for your child's age, height and weight.
  • Symptom Tracker - so you can keep track of ongoing symptoms to track and share with your health care provider.
  • Medicine Tracker - track medications prescription or over the counter that your child may be taking.
  • Vaccine Tracker - keep track of your child's vaccines in one convenient place.
  • Height/Weight/BMI - watch your child grow and forget marking up your walls.
  • Reports - generate a report of your stored informtion instantly.
Getting started is simple. Just download the free app, click the plus sign to add a child's information and you are good to go in minutes with all of your options listed below.

How do you keep track of your child's health and wellness information?

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  1. Now that is quite a useful app! I would of loved being able to store my kids info!

  2. Great help for moms! I swear if I have to keep up with one more thing...

  3. I'm the worst at writing it on scraps of paper and then losing them. This is a much better method!

  4. I really like this for vaccinations. There are so many times you have to prove dates and take an immunization record around. It would be so nice to have it stored digitally. Totally going to download this app.

  5. This is AWESOME! We've been getting ready to change pediatricians, and having this info with me at all times instead of stored in a doctor's filing cabinet would be SO useful.

  6. That is actually a great idea, I never thought to have it all at my fingertips like that

  7. Wow, so many trackers in one place! The dosage tracker would definitely be helpful, especially for kids that don't have to take medication much.



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