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I don't have to stay at the most expensive hotels, in fact, I have stayed at some pretty darn nice motels that really hit the spot when it came to service and amenities. Similarly, I have stayed at high end resorts that were lacking in amenities that I find essential. In a perfect world, every hotel I stay at would have the five basic amenities that I found necessary for a perfect stay. What are they?

1. Free Wi-Fi

Honestly, since I work most days, even on vacation, free wi-fi service is the absolute number one amenity on my list. Not only does it need to be free to be perfect, but it need to work well. I have stayed at a place or two in the past where I not only had to pay for wi-fi, but it was basically unusable because of its speed.

2. Heated Pool

It is rare that I travel without my children, so a heated pool is pretty high on my list of amenities. It doesn't have to be big or grand, it just has to be there, be clean and be heated if it is cold. That way, my boys can spend hours having fun, and I don't have to stay cooped up in a room with four boys fighting over who gets to pick the channel on the TV.

3. Comfy Bed

I don't sleep well when I am away from home. Plus, I have a new ultra-comfy Serta mattress at home, so when I go away, I need the bed to be comfy if I have any chance at a good night's rest. Oh, and there need to be tons of pillows, or at least access to more.

4. On-Site Affordable Restaurant

This is a big one for me as well. Sometimes when you arrive or when you have had a big day of running around, you just want to grab a bite to eat somewhere close by. What better place than an on-site hotel restaurant. Here is the key though, it has to be affordable. No, $50 steak entrees.

One hotel chain that clearly understands how important it is to listen to your guests and implement their feedback to create a better product is Holiday Inn. The recently completed a $1 Billion relaunch of their hotels. What does this mean? Well, it means they took feedback from their guests and created a better way to stay, which means including tons of great amenities like the four that I find so important. Check out this great musical guest review of their new rooms.

What amenities do you look for in a hotel when you travel alone or with family?

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  1. Top 2 things are included breakfast and free wi-fi.

  2. Since I'm not much of a swimmer, a heated pool doesn't rank high on my list, but free AND reliable wi-fi and comfortable beds both do!

  3. Free-wifi is always nice when you're a blogger :)

  4. Those are definitely things I look for in any hotel!

  5. Free wifi is always something we look for.

  6. A comfy bed is a MUST have for me. I also need the room to be very clean.

  7. I like rooms with a kitchenette. That way I can save money while on vacation and cook in my room.

  8. WiFi MUST. Microwave MUST. Clean No Question!

  9. Complementary Wi-Fi and a comfortable bed are the two things I need most from a hotel. I'm usually traveling as a result of blogging, so I need to have internet access. And no one will enjoy being near me if I cannot get a good night's sleep!

  10. Free wi-fi and decent pool are must-haves for me too. I never sleep well at hotels, but maybe I'm not staying at the right ones....

  11. Safety, clean, and comfortable are important for me!



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