Halloween Hair Style Tutorials for Boys with Suave

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You see a lot of hair tutorials online, especially around Halloween time. Unfortunately, they are almost always for girls and seldom for boys. The thing is, something as simple as a different hairstyle can instantly create a basis for a simple and fun Halloween costume idea. Suave has created a number of Halloween hairstyle tutorials for boys using their great line of kid friendly products. These hairstyles take only a few minutes to pull-off, and can help you create some great free DIY costumes.

Metal Mohawk Tutorial

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I volunteered my 11 year-old Jordan to model the Metal Mohawk hairstyle for you all. He already owns several rocker themed shirts with guitars and skulls on them. Pair this hairstyle with a great rocker tee, ripped jeans and a cool pair of high tops or combat boots and you have an inexpensive rock star costume for Halloween!

1. Spray Hair with Water

2. Comb Hair Flat Down

3. Add a generous amount of Suave® Kids Styling Mousse to hair and form the Mohawk with a comb and your hands.

See? It's cute and it only took a few minutes to do! He really liked it, and is already putting together the perfect rock star costume for Halloween.

Messy Monster Hairstyle Tutorial

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Have an old white coat and big glasses lying around? Create an easy, affordable, and monstrous mad scientist costume with messy hair!
  1. Wash hair using Suave®’s 3-in-1 Shampoo,Conditioner,and Body Wash
  2. Towel dry hair.
  3. Take a section of hair and apply Suave® Kids Cool Ocean Styling Gel. Use one hand to separate a small section of hair from the rest, then use the other hand to apply a liberal amount of gel to that section. Grasp the hair at the roots, and smooth the gel up to the tips. Hold your hand there for a moment to let it set.
  4. The smaller the section of the hair you grab, the smaller the spike will be. You can alternate between small and large ones.
  5. Pull hair in the direction you want the spike to go. To create a messier look, pull spikes in all different direction.
  6. Repeat these steps, using plenty of Suave® Kids Cool Ocean Styling Gel to continue sculpting all the hair.
Halloween is messy. So, after all the candy, costume make-up and fun, Suave® Kids 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash is the perfect way to get the kids clean fast!

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You can check out the full line of Suave® Kids Styling Products at the best everyday low deals at Walmart. Do you plan on giving your little ghost or ghoul an exciting new hairstyle this Halloween?

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  1. Ha! Clearly your son had a BLAST creating that hairdo. Suave is doing a neat thing with these ideas!

  2. My son used to style his hair now he just likes a buzz cut.

  3. My son would probably like this style!

  4. My son's hair is rather long, so I'm sure he can do something fun with it this Halloween. :) Love how your son's turned out!

  5. I wish my boys would allow me to spike their hair. Neither of them like it sticking up :(

  6. Looks like you had a blast rocking out his hair. My kids would love this. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a fun (and non-invasive) way to express himself! My nephew just got a mohawk hair cut - I like your son's look much better ;)

  8. How fun! My son is in the process of growing his hair out a bit, so it won't be long before we can pull some of these great styles off.



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