Fall Squirrel Themed Pre-K Lesson Plan

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Pre-K Fall lesson plan. Including mess-free painting! #lessonplan #Fall #Pre-K

I posted a few weeks ago about how I had started teaching a Pre-K class at a local co-op on Fridays. You may remember the Very Hungry Caterpillar Lesson Plan that I shared. So, this time I wanted to help celebrate the beginning of Fall, with a Fall inspired lesson plan. I took a trip to Barnes and Noble for some inspiration and came across the book "Squirrel's Fall Search". Armed with this book for inspiration, and wanting to create plenty of sensory opportunities for the children, I put together a Fall squirrel themed pre-k lesson plan that you can use for your own class or just your kids at home.

Fall Squirrel Pre-K Lesson Plan 

Book: Squirrel's Fall Search or any other Fall themed book about a squirrel.


Sensory Play:

  • Fall inspired sensory bin. (All of these products were purchased from the Dollar Tree along with large magnifying glasses to let them explore the objects.)
  • Fall Leaf Throw. I purchased three 50 count packages of Fall fabric leaves from the Dollar Tree and the kids had a blast throwing them up in the air, rolling in them, and counting to different numbers before we all threw the leaves up together. 
Crafts: Squishy Leaf Painting Craft Instructions below.

1. Cut a leaf shape out of white cardstock paper. 

2. Place several drops of different Fall colored paints all over the leaf.

3. Place a sheet of plastic wrap over the leaf and let the kids squish the paint all over the leaf.

4. Remove the plastic wrap and blot the excess paint away with a paper towel. Dab, don't wipe the paint or you will destroy the children's designs.

Obviously, there are plenty of other crafts, worksheets and activities available online to turn this into an all day lesson plan, but the items above were all done in a 1 hour class. Do you have favorite Fall themed activity to share?

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  1. I love the leaf craft. I might have to try that with my daughter!

  2. What a fun idea, and rather easy!! Gonna share with all the mama's I know!!!

  3. What a fun and creative learning plan for kids. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ok, you are seriously good at this teaching gig. Not even kidding!

  5. You definitely make learning fun. I hope the boys are enjoying it.

  6. Love what you are doing with your boys. What fun lessons and season appropriate as well.



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