5 Things I Plan to do When I'm Old and Fabulous!

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Everywhere you look, women are trying to stave off aging, and I have to say that I just don't get it! Why are you so against getting old? I have found that things only seem to get better with age, and in exchange for all the knowledge and experiences I have had, what are a few wrinkles anyhow? So, I will wear my age with pride and look forward to the things I will do when I'm much older, wiser and absolutely fabulous!

1. I'll wear all purple and a red hat just because I can.

Photo by Paul Iddon

2. I'll play tricks on people I don't know, because when you're old, no one ever sees it coming!

3. I'll still be doing Zumba like a boss!

4. I'll call into TV shows and make the whole world smile.

5. I'll share my wrinkles with the world and wear them proudly.

One thing I don't plan to do when I am old is run out of retirement funds and spoil all my fun by having to go back to work. That's why, when I read the article '12 Important Retirement Planning Deadlines' today, it really struck a cord with me. Young people go through life expecting that retirement will just be taken care of, but it won't. It is something we all need to start planning for now.

Where do you start? Yeah, I have no idea either. That is why I'm glad there are sites like Genworth Insurance, that include useful tools like the Retirement Income Calculator that can help you see exactly what you need to save in order to be ready for your future! 

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  1. I love your plans! Especially NOT running out of retirement funds!

  2. I kid that I can't wait to do/say whatever the heck I want because when you're old no one will say anything to you. LOL!

  3. Ok, this made me laugh…a lot! I also plan to take all my girlfriends (since men die sooner, we gals will just have each other) and travel and gamble and flirt with young men together. Hee!

  4. Oh, there will be plenty of that too Penelope. I plan to see the world with a good group of friends, no men allowed!

  5. I LOVE this list! That's exactly how I want to enjoy my old age.

  6. I love this!!! Hahha I am a huge jokester now so I think being old will be even more fun like you said, they won't see it coming!!

  7. I'm a little scared about having enough money at retirement age. I am really stocking it away but I just don't know if enough will ever be enough.

  8. This will definitely be me at that age! That Ellen video was way too cute.

  9. Those are some great things for sure, especially Zumba like a boss.

  10. I want to be friends with you when you're old. We'll be dangerously awesome old ladies together!

  11. LOL love your attitude, and what better way to retire than to have fun (no more work!)



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