Should a 13-Year-Old Have a Cell Phone?

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This post brought to you by Republic Wireless. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is a question I have been asking myself since my 13-year-old was 12 and headed off to middle school. Almost every day he game home telling my about how all the other kids had cell phones, and not just cell phones, smartphones! Is this really true? Are 13-year-old's really walking around with smartphones? I'll be honest, one of the main things keeping me from letting Joshua have a cell phone in the past was the prohibitive cost of most plans. Heck, it is the same thing keeping me from having a full-time cell phone. Republic Wireless is out to change all that now with their $19 per month cell phone plan though.

What? Yes, I did just say $19 per month cell phone plan, and not only that, but it is an unlimited talk, text and web plan too. Crazy, I know! That is exactly why I am now considering "Should a 13-year-old have a cell phone?" The cost is no longer prohibitive, and I am sure I could find a way for him to work off the $19 per month that the monthly plan from Republic Wireless costs, so it all comes down to whether I think he is mature enough for it or not I guess.

There is also the initial cost of the phone to consider too. The Republic Wireless plan works with the Motorola DEFY CT smartphone. The phone costs $199, and offer a ton of features like other top smartphones on the market. Features like:
  • Front-facing VG Webcam
  • Rear-facing camera with auto-focus, LED flash and 4x digital zoom
  • Access to over 450,000 apps in the Google Play Store
  • Android operating system with wi-fi and Sprint 3G coverage with dual band reception
Sounds like the perfect starter smartphone right? I must admit, I am a little terrified of giving him that much freedom to photograph, video, and share himself with the world at this age, but it boils down to trust and responsibility. I am still undecided, but if I were to get him a smartphone, the Motorola DEFY XT is right in Christmas present price range, and the $19 per month Republic Wireless unlimited plan is definitely affordable.

So, what do you think? Does your 13-year-old have a cell phone?

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  1. I got my son one at 11, but it's $10 a month. He was riding his bike to school and I wanted him to have a phone. Now it's more a way to tell him to come home than him wanting one,

  2. I think that is an INCREDIBLE price and perhaps a good way for a 13 year old to learn some responsibility.

  3. My daughter is 10 and I'm thinking about it.

  4. I've thought about getting my son one and he is almost 10. It would be very limited calling just for emergencies an things like that.

  5. I 13 is a good age. Kids are getting them younger and younger these days.

  6. I think it totally depends on the child, but honestly I'm thinking 13 is a fair age for the responsibility.

  7. $19 per month? Awesome! I'm kind of old-school and think they don't need phones until they are out on the road alone. That's 16 here in Alabama. I'll probably change my mind though!

  8. I'm about to get one for my son because he wants to start walking to school. Makes me feel a little more secure about it.

  9. It's definitely a case by case thing! I live in the city so I tend to think kids need them pretty young for safety, but they still need to be mature enough to handle them.

  10. Now a days I think 13 is a great age if your child is mature enough to handle the responsibility and to use it properly.



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