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We all have our share of funny motherhood stories to share. A lot of these stories often center around feeding our kids. From having food thrown at us, on us and all around us, to fighting, pleading and downright begging our children to eat food that is good for them, the stories are a universal right of parenthood passage. Happy Family, with their line of healthy snack and mealtime products for kids, is taking a closer look at the brighter side of getting kids to eat food that is healthy and nutritious with their "Stories from the Bright Side" campaign. After all, those funny stories are good for more than just a few laughs. Right?

Happy Family - Stories from the Bright Side
“Stories from the Bright Side”, is a campaign that shines a humorous light on situations that all parents have experienced around feeding.  Every mom and dad has had food thrown at them, experienced temper-tantrums, or received flat-out refusal to eat something at some point in their parenting career. This campaign brings some of these moments to life as 8 of these stories are told by 7 mommy and daddy bloggers (and 1 by CEO Shazi Visram) and then acted out by improv comedians and also asks that moms and dads share their “Stories from the Bright Side” on our Facebook App.  We believe that the ability to laugh, lift your mood, and share a bit of brightness with other parents is the true beauty of the “Stories from the Bright Side” campaign."

 I love this campaign, as a mom of two boys who are well below the average weight for their age and always have been, and another boy who is the pickiest eater the world has ever known, I can really relate personally to the stories told by the Happy Family CEO and bloggers in this project. It was actually recommended to me on more than one occasion by more than one "professional" that I should "Stock up on ice cream," and give it to them for "Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner." (no joke!) That is why I relate so well to the story the Shazi, the founder of Bright Family tells in the video clip below!

Honestly, I was constantly accused of not feeding the boys enough. It has gotten a bit older now that they are older and can talk for themselves, but the responses I got bordered on hilarious for a long time. I encourage you to visit the Happy Family Facebook page to view the other videos, they are all great for a laugh! We were able to test drive a few of the Happy Family products, and they were fantastic. The boys all loved them, and they were packed full of so much nutrition like added grains, vegetables and coconut milk. Put it in a colorful package and they will eat it up every time! Even my picky no vegetables eater, went for it and gulped them down!

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Have a funny food or feeding challenge story of your own to share? Of course you do! Visit the Happy Family - Stories from the Brighter Side Facebook app, and share your story for a chance to win $20,000 towards your child's college education. Plus, we will all get to laugh at you. Oops, I mean with you of course!

What is the biggest food challenge you have had to tackle with your kids?

I was compensated for this post, but all words, thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Those reenactments are completely hilarious! Also, I'm so glad your boys are enjoying these. :)

  2. The biggest food challenge we face is to get the boys to eat a balance of fruits and veggies. It's like pulling teeth! The coconut milk one looks good!

  3. I love these pouches, they are so convenient.

  4. I've seen some of these videos and they are hilarious. Thankfully with my daughter being older long gone are the days of picky eating but I remember the struggles well.

  5. My son is such a picky eater. I'll have to try these!

  6. My girls love Happy Family products. Never tried the yogurt ones though.

  7. My daughter loves these products! I may have or may not have tried these products. ;)

  8. Love the coconut milk product. The biggest challenge we face is getting our kids to eat their fruit and veggies. They used to love them but ever since they are growing we can't get them to eat them!

  9. These pouches look so convenient!



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