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When I found out I would be visiting New Orleans again, one of the things on the top of my wish list was a food tour. New Orleans is home to some of the most culturally unique food items around, and Tastebud Tours of New Orleans was just the way for me to make sure I got to sample a little bit of each. While I knew that a New Orleans food tour would allow me to indulge in all of the best local dishes, I had no idea that it would turn out to be just as rich with historical facts as it was with tasty treats.

{Our New Orleans Food Tour Experience}

The first stop on our New Orleans food tour. 

My sister and I arrived for check-in at Serio's, the first stop on the Tastebud Food Tour about 15 minutes early. Our guide Richard was already there, and led us to an area with a few reserved tables. Richard is a jolly guy, and as a retired school teacher who is now living his dream of living in the French Quarter in an apartment on Bourbon Street of all places, he just makes you want to listen to his story. After helping ourselves to a complimentary beverage and cooling off from the scorching heat outside, we were introduced to the first food item on the list. The Muffuletta.

The iconic Muffuletta.

Right about now you are wondering what in the world a Muffuletta is right? Well, it is a deli sandwich that was created back in the early days of New Orleans by an Italian immigrant who started the Central Grocery, which still stands in operation today. He wanted a sandwich that would fill up the hard working men that were gone all day, but keep in the hot humid New Orleans weather. On a whole round loaf of Sicilian Sesame bread goes salami, cured ham, mortadella, provolone and the signature olive salad. Serio's, where I experienced my first delicious bite of Muffuletta, actually won the Bobby Flay Throwdown Challenge for this signature sandwich.

Our informative guide Richard. 

Canal Street is a road with quite a unique history. 

Next, Richard led us across Canal Street, down into the French Quarter and onto Bourbon Street itself, where we dipped into Musical Legends Park to sample the sweet sugar laden beignets from Cafe Beignet. If there is one food item that comes to mind when I think of New Orleans, it is the beignet. Cafe Beignet is nestled in the Musical Legends Park, which is a bit of a quiet nook on the otherwise boisterous Bourbon Street. They are far less crowded than Cafe Du Monde, yet their beignets are made to order and come out piping hot and every bit as good. Again, we were provided with complimentary water or Cafe Au Lait if we chose, and a short rest to enjoy our tasty treat before moving on.

 Musical Legends Park has live jazz music playing from 8 a.m. to midnight each day. 

 Cafe Beignet is rarely packed, and makes a perfect alternative to Cafe du Monde. 

There are few things better than a piping hot beignet.

This next stop had my favorite food on the tour. The Royal House Oyster Bar and Restaurant brought out two tantalizing tastes of both Gumbo and Jambalaya. Richard explained the difference between Creole and Cajun people to us here, but then went on to explain that Gumbo and Jambalaya was not actually a native food of either. In fact, Gumbo was derived from an African dish and Jambalaya originally came from the Caribbean Islands. That said, the Gumbo was delicious, which surprised me since I am not a fan of Okra, but the Jambalaya was out of this world good, and left me craving more than my sample could provide.

My first time trying Gumbo, and it didn't disappoint.

This Jambalaya was addicting.

Luckily, I had another stop on the New Orleans food tour to distract me from my new found love of Jambalaya. In fact, our next stop was for the iconic Roast Beef Po-boy sandwich. On our way, Richard led us into a quaint spice shop, where we were able to rest in the air conditioning and browse around. The aroma of the shop was intoxicating, and when Richard returned with our sandwiches, it was hard to leave. Since the restaurant was especially busy that day, we were led out to the banks of the Mississippi where we sat and indulged in our traditional New Orleans food while being serenaded by the jazz melodies of a local trumpet player on the bench behind us.

They say you judge how good a Po-boy is by how many napkins it takes to eat it!

The last stop on the Tastebud Tour of New Orleans was a sweet one for sure. Laura's Candies, New Orleans oldest candy shop was established in 1913, and features specialties like Creole Pralines and my personal favorite, Mississippi Mud. In fact, the later was so good, that I bought a big box of it to take home to my mom as a thank-you for watching the boys while I was gone. We danced around the store sampling sweet treat after tantalizing sugary treat, which are all made fresh right in the shop's kitchen I might add. When we couldn't fit another bite in, we bid ado to Richard and walked away feeling pleasantly full and enlightened as to the history of the food in this historic city.

Laura's Candies is lined with rows of delicious treats and unique New Orleans ingredients. 

If you are visiting New Orleans, love food and want to take a historic walking tour of the city, I highly recommend you book a tour with Tastebud Tours of New Orleans. I promise you will not be disappointed! Tours are held each day of the week in the afternoon and the cost is $44 per person. Definitely worth the price of the tour, and more than enough food for lunch!

I was provided with complimentary tour admission from the New Orleans CVB for the purpose of review, but all words, thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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