Planning the Perfect Adventurer's Road Trip

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The summer is a time to enjoy quality time with the family and get out and about in the sunshine. Wherever you plan to go this year, there'll always be an opportunity to get active while traveling, and this article will give you a few pointers for planning a fun road trip with the kids. A road trip with the children gives you the perfect chance to get in the car and go on an adventure with the little ones, so why not take a little inspiration from these tips and plan one of your very own?

Treasure hunters

If your kids love a challenge, a treasure hunt is the perfect way to get them excited about your day out. Make sure you plan the route carefully beforehand, and think up some cryptic clues to lead them on their adventure. You might want to make it a drive around treasure hunt to make sure they don't get lost though! Your treasure can be prizes like treats or toys, but don't leave anything too valuable lying around just in case someone else comes across it.

Go off the beaten track

If there's one thing you take away from this article, the midrive team recommend that it's exploring somewhere new. The beauty of going on a trip in the car is that you can choose your destination and go off the beaten track. Get away from the tourist trail and the busy cities to experience something different. You could try wildlife spotting or bug collecting, or you could take your bikes with you and go on an adventure on two wheels. The great thing about getting away from the crowds is that you don't have to worry about keeping track of the kids in the hustle and bustle and you won't spend hours trying to find a parking spot!


To give your road trip a real sense of adventure, why not let the kids help you navigate? Don't worry, you can have the GPS plugged in for back up, but giving them a map and a compass to guide you on your way can really add to the atmosphere of adventure - even if they don't know how to use them!

Snacks for adventurers

If you're going to go off the tourist trail, you'll need to make sure you pack a hearty lunch for your explorers. Pack lots of energy boosting snacks like trail mix, fruit and yogurt, and take some sandwiches for refueling at lunch time. Grilled chicken salad sandwiches are a great healthy, light choice for summer which will keep their energy levels up. You might also want to pack some sweet treats too, like ice lollies or frozen yogurt to keep them cool. Just don't forget the cooler bag!

Stay hydrated

The most important thing to remember for your trip is to pack plenty of bottled water. Keeping yourself and the kids hydrated is especially important for a summer road trip, so take a healthy supply with you. You should also make sure you take some sunscreen and hats to protect them from the sun. Stay in the shade during the hottest points of the day and use that air conditioning if your car has it!

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  1. One day :)

    I feel kind of sad we can't manage it now, I have so many memories of wonderful road trips growing up

  2. Those are some good tips. I need to get away more often.

  3. If you go off the beaten track, use that Breadcrumbs app I posted about to make sure you don't get lost!!! My family and I used to go on 3 week car trips every summer when I was young. I thought that was long, but YOU have them beat by a month!

  4. great tips. We always try to remember to bring snacks.

  5. We love "going off the beaten path" when we do anything -- my husband loves taking backroads and discovering new things to see and eat and explore.



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