Do You Believe in Ghosts?

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I am still on the fence about this subject. However, as the grand finale for our summer road trip, we took a visit to Chattanooga, TN., and one of the activities we enjoyed there was an evening walk around the city looking for local haunts with Chattanooga Ghost Tours. While I can't say for certain that we experienced any paranormal activity, I can tell you that the boys and I had a blast. Even my seven year-old thought it was great. With knowledgeable, engaging guides and a central downtown location, Chattanooga Ghost Tours is the place to go if you are looking to hunt for things that go bump in the night while visiting the city.

Tours begin at The Little Curiosity Shoppe located at 138 Market St., which has nearby free shuttle stops if you are staying in the downtown area. They begin at 9:00 pm. with a short explanation of the types of ways ghosts may manifest themselves in photos, along with examples of photos taken on the tour. If you are a skeptic, you will easily dismiss the orbs and ghostly mist in some shots, but others are distinctly harder to explain away when you see the ethereal outline of a little girl clutching her doll.

The mist in the window of this shot caught my eye. 

Throughout the tour, we were led along city streets to view haunted sites around downtown Chattanooga. Our walk began with a visit to the old Mansion built with coca cola bottling company money in 1905. It is now part of the Hunter Museum of American Art, but is believed to be haunted by 5 ghosts, including Augusta Hoffman, a woman found stuffed into the floorboards of a nearby home in 1912.

We then moved on to the Walnut Street Bridge, a delightfully old pedestrian bridge built in 1890, where we were enlightened about the story of Ed Johnson. Ed Johnson was an African American man who was accused of raping a Caucasian girl. He was hung by an angry mob right there on the bridge.

Did you know that the entire city of Chattanooga had to be raised up an additional 20 feet above the ground in the late 1800's? Yeah, neither did I. However, our delightful guide Sean Phipps, who was full of not only ghostly but historical knowledge of the city as well, told us of the "doors that lead nowhere". These doors can be found around the city, and lead to underground tunnels that contain original city walls, old signs and were used to help raise the city one bucketful of dirt at a time. Incidentally, the underground is said to be haunted with the ghosts of those who died in the floods, but we weren't about to crawl down and find out.

See any ghosts? Maybe not, but if you look to the right, you can see part of the original city walls.

We were also regaled with stories of Mary Greene, the captain of the Delta Queen Steamboat now docked in Chattanooga, the ghosts of room 311 in the Sheraton Hotel downtown and those who haunt the site of what was once the city's first African American mortuary.

If you are looking for a night of spooky fun, then Chattanooga Ghost Tours is exactly what you need. Tours are $15 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under. While I can promise that you will catch a photo of a ghost during your 90 minute walking tour, I can promise that you will hear stories of the city's past, share some laughs, and enjoy your evening in historic Chattanooga.

We received complimentary access to one of the ghost tours for the purpose of review, but all words, thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Whoa! I do see the mist in the window. Kinda creepy! I have never been to Chattanooga looks like a fun place :)

  2. I'm not really sure what to believe, but there are surely certain things that freak me out!

  3. This is soo cool!! I LOVE Ghost stories and haunted places, how fun!

  4. Believe in them or not, I love a good ghost story... a tour full of them would be even better!!

  5. I love ghost stories, but would be a huge scaredy cat here! LOL! Looks like it was fun, though!

  6. yes I certainly do. When I was young and about went my business in the bathroom, my great grandpa ust showed up in front of me and then disappeared!

  7. You did the most creative things on your trip! I would love to go on a ghost tour in a town like that!!

  8. I don't know what to believe, but Chattanooga looks like a really fun place to go!

  9. I am not sure that I believe in ghosts but it looks like the boys had a good time. I might have been a little freaked out, LOL but I am baby.

  10. Sounds like a fun tour. i definitely believe in ghosts.

  11. We visit Chattanooga often. It is such a great city and we love going there. I've actually stayed in the Sheraton. I had no idea it was haunted when I stayed there. I don't think I'd want to stay again.



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