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You may remember that I shared our love of Sports Illustrated Kids with you all last year as a SI Kids ambassador, and I am happy to have the chance to do the same again this year. The July issue of Sports Illustrated Kids is out, and it focuses on athletes giving back. The cover features Michelle Obama, as well as different athletes and the causes they are passionate about.

{Meet Will Thomas}

One of the main reasons to check out the July issue of SI Kids is to discover the inspirational story of Will Thomas. When will was only 12 in 2011, he started a personal challenge to make 17,000 baskets in his driveway as a way to honor the military special forces that were affected by a tragic military event. As the community learned of his endevour, they began to pledge money, and one boys' silent tribute turned into Operation Hawkeye, whose goal is to raise $300,000 for military forces and their families this year.

{How Can You Get Involved?}

Feeling moved by Will Thomas' story? I know I was. First, you can head over to the Sports Illustrated Kids Facebook page to watch a video about Will's story, and to share how your children or family are helping the community through sports. Then, you can sign up to join the E17 Free Throw Challenge. This is a 60-day basketball challenge, where individuals will try to make 1,700 free throws or teams will attempt to make 17,000 free throws. All participants will receive recognition from the U.S. Special Operations Command and an Operation Hawkeye bracelet.

You can pick up the July issue of SI Kids at the news stand, or through iTunes, Amazon Apps, Google Play or Nook Apps Stores. You can also subscribe to have it delivered right to your door.

Are your children giving back to the community through sports?

I am an SI Kids ambassador, but all words, thoughts an opinions are my own.

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  1. THis is awesome! Love seeing athletes give back!

  2. My daughter doesn't play any sports yet-- I'd like her to get into it.

  3. What a great program! My son isn't helping the community yet, but I want to teach him this as he gets older.

  4. I love it when kids get involved!

  5. Such a nice way to help motivate kids.



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