Veterans are June's Everyday Heros at Dollar General

3:00 AM

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

Veterans definitely deserve to be honored for their service. That is why Dollar General has chosen to honor veterans as their everyday heros during the month of June. They are offering savings on P&G products in honor of the veterans and the promotion will run all month long.

My family has a history of serving in the military. My granddad, dad, brother and sister all served in the Navy, and my one sister's husband is about to retire from the military as well. I grew up understanding how important it is to honor those who have given and sacrificed so much so that we could all stay safe. Dollar General understands this too and has created a great tribute video on their site to express their appreciation for veterans during the month of June.

I love shopping at Dollar General, as I know I have mentioned many times before. They are the closest real store to my house and go there several times a week for the essentials. They also carry all of my favorite P&G brand products like Scott Paper Products, Charmin®, Tide® and Duracell® batteries, that we buy on a regular basis. The prices are also really competitive with other stores, often allowing me to save a good amount of money, and they take coupons! There really isn't a product that we have needed and not been able to find at our Dollar General.

I definitely encourage you to stop by your local Dollar General this month to help support veterans as June's everyday heros!

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  1. Loved that tribute video.

    I don't shop at Dollar General often, but the times I've gone, they've had what I needed.

  2. I didn't know you had such a strong military connection, K! I'll think of you and yours next time I'm shopping at DG this month then. :)

  3. That's such an amazing tribute video. I commend dollar general for their support of our troops.

  4. That is great that Dollar General is doing that. I was actually just in there the other day.

  5. My father was in Korea so I understand your connection a bit.

  6. This is great! Unfortunately, I don't think we have any Dollar Generals in our area. Or at least I've never seen one. Maybe I should look into it.



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