Snorkeling and Snuba Diving with Destin Snorkel

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I've been gone for the last few days hanging out with some amazing ladies in Destin, FL. at Brandcation. It has been a blast and I wanted my first post to be about the experience I enjoyed the most. For me, that experience was snorkeling and Snuba diving with Destin Snorkel! I had never done either of these activities before going on this trip and the idea of taking my glasses off and basically running blind into the ocean was scary at first. However, the instructors and staff at Destin Snorkel were very accommodating and it ended up being an experience I will never forget. In fact, I can't wait to go back and do it again.

destin snorkel

destin snorkel harbor walk village

Destin Snorkel is located right at the base of the Emerald Grande, the resort we stayed at for Brandcation. It is situated in Harbor Walk Village. They have a fleet of four coastguard approved water vessels that feature bathrooms, and the tours include all needed equipment, instruction and complimentary water, soda and use of kayaks.

When we arrived we filled out a release form and then squeezed into our wet suits. Let me just say that putting on a wet suit is not something I thought I would ever do in public, but it wasn't too bad.  Although, Jen did try to put hers on backwards at first. :)

sdestin snorkel wet suits

How cute is Tiffany with her pregnant belly?

After playing around getting ready, we headed out on the boat, where we had great views of the area, including the Emerald Grande Resort. 

emerald grande resort

A few friendly dolphins stopped by to say hello too, and chased our boat for quite a while. Destin Snorkel also offers dolphin and shelling cruises as well!

destin snorkel dolphins

destin snorkel boat

Once we arrived at our location, we were given instructions about how to snuba dive. Our guide Ty went over the various hand signals and safety measures thoroughly so that everyone understood what to do before they even got wet.  If you are unfamiliar with Snuba diving, it is basically like scuba diving, only you are breathing through lines that are tethered to a tank within a raft that floats on the surface of the water. This allows you to experience the sea life up close, but without the hindrance of a heavy tank on your back.

snuba diving

While the others dove right into the Snuba diving, I headed over with the group that was snorkeling,  because I had never been before. I wanted to get used to only breathing through my mouth with snorkeling before I tried my hand at Snuba. I was not able to wear my glasses in the water and it is the first time in my life that I have gone without seeing for an extended period of time. I can only see rough outlines of shapes when my glasses are off and had to get a few inches away from the fish to even see them. It was pretty funny, but it all worked out.

Eventually I got a chance to go out for Snuba diving and it was incredible! It is so peaceful under the water and you get a peek into a whole new world that you don't generally get to see. I was wonderful to get the opportunity to see the sea creatures in their natural habitat and see how they behaved. Check out some of the sea life we got a chance to see.

hermit crab

sdestin snorkel fish


This was our fearless leader Ty. He was very patient and tolerant of all of us, even when we were teasing him.

destin snorkel guide

Yours truly got caught by the camera guy too. You can see in this photo how close I had to get to the floor in order to see. I am sure some people giggled at the girl with her nose on the rocks, but I am just happy I was able to participate!

destin snorkel snuba diving

If you are headed to the Destin, FL. area for vacation, I highly recommend you stop by and see the amazing folks at Destin Snorkel. Summer snorkeling trip rates start at only $35 for adults and Snuba adventures are $86 for adults. This is a great value! For those looking for a tamer experience, shelling and dolphin cruises start at just $28 for adults. You can check out the video below for a closer look at Snuba diving and can reach out to Destin Snorkel on their Facebook page.

Have you ever been Snuba diving? What did you think?

Our Snuba diving and snorkeling costs were comped on this trip, but all words, thoughts and opinions shared here are my own. 

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  1. Fishing, diving, swimming and going under water are some of my favorite activities. I love spending time in water, God knows why but I really like this activity as it helps me to feel good. I really enjoyed the blog, especially the snaps which you have taken underwater.

  2. That is so cool and I'd be willing to give it a try!

  3. The only thing which inspires me to go under water is the beautiful marine life which makes me happy. I can’t live without going into the water and spend a lot of time there, as I’m living near Miami and I love the abmience aroung the beach end beneath th sea.

  4. Life is all about adventures and spending time with your friends and family, whether you go for a hilly drive or spend some time near a beach or under the sea. I love boating and diving in deep sea. I guess I have a strong bond with sea life.

  5. I’m still young and enjoying my life like anyone else. Sun, sand and water make me feel good about me and I spend more of my time near the open beaches and diving in the blue waters. I love swimming and diving on the surface water. I think my life will be boring without these awesome activities.

  6. Amazing! Looks like you had a blast. For my Brandcation I will always remember zip lining it was so fun!

  7. It's so beautiful under the sea. I've never been snuba diving but it looks like so much fun.

  8. Have neither been snuba nor scuba diving. Looks like I should try it!

  9. Zip lining is definitely a blast Colleen, we did it at the Brandcation in Kissimmee too, but I love Snuba more!

  10. I think I might like doing something like this. How far down do you go? I can't go scuba diving because of a PFO but this maybe I could do if there isn't a big pressure change.

  11. This looks amazing. I so wish I knew how to swim.

  12. It wasn't too far Tammy. Maybe 20 feet or so? I had a hard time determining the depth because I couldn't see without my glasses. That is how I ended up with the gash on my arm while snorkeling. I couldn't tell how close I was to the rock until it was too late LOL.

  13. I don't know how I would do it either since I wear glasses most of the time.

    If you wear contacts are you able to keep them in?

  14. This looks amazing! I am snorkeled before and loved it but I really want to scuba someday.

  15. That was so, so, so fun! Turns out that Ty was the owner's son :P BTW, that's me with him holding my nose - water kept getting in my goggles. I so want to snuba again!

  16. Jennifer, if you had contacts, I don't see any reason why you couldn't leave them in. The glasses can't be worn because then the mask can't seal around them.

    Terri Ann, I actually let mine fill up after a while. I learned that if I let it get to eye level I could see a lot better through the water LOL.

  17. So fun! I see so many familiar faces in your pics. I haven't been snorkeling in years.

  18. I've snorkled in the Caribbean before, but never scuba dived. Looks like you all had a blast!



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