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This post brought to you by Social Power. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever wanted to see something change, but didn't know how to go about making it happen? A new online portal called Social Power is trying to help make those changes a reality. They take suggested issues submitted by consumers like you and share them using the power of social media. These issues can build support and become initiatives for change that create solutions to issues that matter most to you! How cool is that?

{Harnessing Social Media for Good!}

Social Power is a site where users can submit a resolvable issue, this can be any problem or issue that you come in contact with that you feel can be changed. After submitting your issue, you share it with your social media followers and Social Power does the same, allowing others to support your issue.

Once 1,000 people support an issue, it becomes an initiative and Social Power takes on the responsibility of helping to develop a resolution for the issue. This process effectively harnesses the power of social media to make a difference in the problems that users see each day.
Check out this short intro video to learn more.

{My Social Power Issue}

You all know I love thrifting and saving money where possible. Lately, I have watched the prices at Goodwill creep to an uncomfortable level. In fact, more times that not now, when I visit the store I can't help but think that it would be cheaper to just go buy an item brand new from a retail store. All the items at Goodwill are donated and there is room to make them affordable to all, while still raising a good deal of money for charity.  Unfortunately, the CEO's are taking home salaries of millions of dollars per year and prices keep rising in the store.

Check out my Social Power issue and feel free to support or share it if you agree! You can also help by creating an issue of your own that you would like to see turned into an initiative and resolved.

What change would you like to see made?

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  1. That's great. Social media can be used for good!

  2. Great video, watched and learnt some pretty good thoughts about social media.

  3. Oh the power of social media. It's insane.

  4. The power of social media is insane.

  5. I love that we can use social media for such good things today.

  6. I love the fact that we can use social media for good.

  7. I'd like to see your research. How do you know the CEOs are making millions?



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