Keep Kid's Brains Sharp This Summer with #Curiosityville

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I am always trying to come up with new ways to help my boys learn, especially during the summer when it is so important to keep their brains sharp until school starts up again. We do a lot of experiments, crafts and hands-on activities here at home, and the boys really do learn best by doing and "playing." When I was given the opportunity to explore Curiosityville with my youngest who is 7, I jumped at the chance, as it looked like it would be a great learning resource where he could enjoy hands-on play while giving his brain a workout during the long summer months. Best part? All I need is my computer and he can learn on the go, a great thing, since we will be leaving for our big summer trip in less than a week!

{What is Curiosityville?}

Curiosityville is an online learning world for children ages 3-8. Here, the children are introduced to six fun learning friends who each have a different role to play in Curiosityville. Pablo is the artist, Joe is the mayor, Dr. Rosie teaches children all about their brains, Ms. Ruby is the inquisitive teacher from England, fun-loving Chef Olive loves to dance and cook, and Policeman Jack keeps the Curiosityville streets safe.

Together, these six friends lead children through an expanding mix of engaging learning activities that are really personalized, playful learning experiences. Parents can visit the Learning Tree to receive full charts that display how and what their child is learning, as well as hands on activities that can be used for further learning and play at home.

{What Kids See}

When a child logs into Curiosityville, they are free to explore questions like why and are encouraged to ask lots of questions. They are given the choice of what friend they want to play with.

After choosing a friend, they are taken to that friends "space" in Curiosityville. Each friend has four interactive learning activities in their space that children can choose from. They will twinkle so children know where to click. Some are games, others are memory builders, there are even opportunities to exercise, make music and watch videos.

Once a child has chosen an activity, they will be led to a screen like the one shown below. This is a sculpture building activity in Pablo's tree house. When they are done playing, they can simply click the arrow in the upper left corner to be taken back to the previous screen. They can do the same thing again to go back to the list of friends to choose someone else to play with.

There are also awards that the children can view to encourage them to play and learn even more.

One of the coolest features are the "clubs" that children can join. Each friend hosts a club and children can join it to learn all about that subject and get hands-on activity ideas to do at home.

{For Parents}

Parents are not left out in Curiosityville. Parents are sent emails regarding what their child has learned that day. They can then visit the Learning Tree in Curiosityville and see a chart that displays the areas their child has learned the most in, what their favorite activities were, etc. They can also gain access to activities, crafts and experiments to do with children at home. This content changes weekly, so there is always something new to learn!

{What Do We Think?}

Jase is a huge fan of Curiosityville. Ages 3-8 really is the perfect range for this learning resource. Jase is seven and he thoroughly enjoys playing with each of the characters. His favorite friend is Joe the monkey, who is mayor of Curiosityville. Although, his favorite activity is with Policeman Jack.

I love that he enjoys playing on Curiosityville so much and it keeps him away from less safe activities online, or those that are void from any educational content. The platform is simple to use and understand, and he did not need my help navigating the site once. Every once in a while, it will lag a little behind, particularly with Policeman Jack's space game, but that may just be my computer.

I would definitely recommend Curiosityville if you have a child ages 3-8 who you would love to give the opportunity to learn while playing in a safe online environment. All content on Curiosityville is age appropriate, completely secure and with the number of activities available, there is something that every child can enjoy. To learn more, you can check out the Curiosityville FAQ.

How do you keep your child's brain sharp during the summer?

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