Holding Steady

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This is my third month as a blogger in the Shaklee 180 program. I realize that I have failed to be the inspirational role model that I had hoped to be so far. However, I am pleased to say that I am at least holding steady. That is something the Shaklee program has taught me. How to maintain my current weight. So while, I have only lost two pounds in the last month to take me back to what I was at the end of the first month, I have held steady through Brandcation, birthdays and a host of other challenges I have faced.

{You Don't Have to Be Perfect, Just You}

Everyone is different. As a blogger, I tend to compare myself to others much more often than I would were I in another profession. We are constantly on social media, seeing what other bloggers are doing, what they are achieving, how much better they are than us. This month though, Shaklee challenged us to consider what we love about ourselves and realize that it is okay to be happy with who and where we are.

I know that weight has always been a struggle for me, so to be able to hold steady through the stress of this past month has been great. My weight hasn't gone up and I have not fallen into the pitfall of stress eating as I plan for this gigantic summer trip. Planning a trip with four boys for 53 days was so much more than I thought it would be, and quite frankly, I have been wearing myself out making sure everything is good to go. I am in a good place though, knowing that for the next few months I will be exercising by hiking miles and miles per day, setting up camp, tearing it down and avoiding temptations by only having the food I purchase available to me at the campground. No more fast food calling my name.

Ultimately, my goal through the Shaklee 180 program is to become happy with who I am, and I finally feel like I am on the right road to doing that.

This is a sponsored post as part of the Shaklee Corporation blogger program. I have received free products, online support, and incentives for participating. My opinions are my own.
People following the weight-loss portion of the Shaklee 180™ Program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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  1. It's not always about the number on the scale! Keep up the good work girl.

  2. I love your goal. It's one we should all set!

  3. Holding steady is good. I agree with Sheri - that's a great goal.

  4. Good for you! "They that compare themselves among themselves are not wise." I need to remember that every day.

  5. Good for you not stress eating! That's a great goal and on I should be working toward myself - just being comfortable in my own skin.

  6. I love your outlook on it because really, that IS inspiring to me.

  7. so important to be happy with you and who you are looking slim and sexy is just a bonus



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