Flight of the Bumble Bee App Review

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Music has always been a love of mine. Unfortunately, it seems that children are exposed to it less and less often and when they are, the classical tones are far less appealing than the energetic music and lyrics of the songs found on the radio. So, when I heard of the Flight of the Bumble Bee App and how it introduces children to classical music in a fun and engaging way, I couldn't wait to have my youngest give it a try.

{The Flight of the Bumble Bee App}

The Flight of the Bumble Bee app is designed by Analytic Web Design Partners and features the timeless music of Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov's "The Flight of the Bumble Bee." The illustration within the app are adorable and brightly colored, the perfect combination to draw children in and spark their imagination. The music itself is expertly performed by some of the world's finest musicians and recorded by an 11-time Grammy winning producer. The quality and effort put into the app definitely shines through. Check out this quick video of the app.

The best thing about the Flight of the Bumble Bee app is that it puts a fun story to the music. A story that children can relate to and engage with in order to gain a greater appreciation for the music. It actually teaches children how to begin listening to classical music and developing a story to go along with the notes.

In the interactive app, you follow a young Bumble Bee who has decided to wander off from his parents on the way back to their hive.

He encounters dangers along the way.

Eventually, his parents arrive to save him from harm and they all return home safely.

The story itself is beautifully illustrated and goes perfectly with the classical music piece. There are opportunities throughout the story for children to interact with the characters by touching or poking them. The fun doesn't stop there though, there are a variety of ways that children can use this app. From the menu screen, you can choose:
  • Tell Me the Story - The basic mode in which the story is narrated to you.
  • Let's Read It Together - The story is narrated, but the words on the screen let you follow along. 
  • Music and Animation Only - No narration, create your own story to go along with the music. 
  • Paint to the Music - Free paint your own illustrations to go with the music.
  • Maze - Complete 1 of 4 challenging mazes and try to beat your best time. 
  • Korean- You can choose to listed to the story in Korean.

All of these available choices make this an educational app that your child will want to play again and again, helping them to gain a greater appreciation of classical music. My youngest Jase had a blast playing this app in the music and animation mode and making up new stories to tell to his brothers. What mode will your children love the most?

The Flight of the Bumble Bee app is available on iTunes for only $1.99, a great price for this engaging app. There will soon be a new app coming to the collection. Look for "The Swan" to come out later this year!

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  1. My eight years old girl is fond of such wonderful games and I usually bring many games on weekends. I guess she would like this as well, as I like it very much. I believe video games and interactive apps help your child to spend some quality time at your own home, without disturbing your or irritating you.

  2. This is so cute and I love the vibrant colors!

  3. This such a cute app, I love how fun it is for kids!

  4. I really have to get this for my son! Thanks!

  5. The kids would probably really enjoy this app!

  6. Sounds like a really fun app for kids.

  7. Man I swear, kids these days are so lucky to have fun and unique apps like this as entertainment and to learn from.

  8. The graphics are extraordinary on this app!

  9. My daughter would love this.



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