5 DIY Projects to Help Beautify Your Backyard

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If your backyard looks anything like mine right now, it probably resembles a scene out of Jumanji. Ours comes complete with the pool that need to be cleaned out from the winter months, overgrown   azalea and jasmine bushes and tall grass with all manner of insects lurking in its blades. We have a fenced in acre for a yard and honestly, sometimes I have no idea what to do with it. Being ever frugal, and not wanting to spend a lot, I have been looking for DIY projects for the backyard, to help make it a little more appealing.

1. DIY Planters

Planters are a great way to liven up an ugly backyard porch or deck, or just disguise that dirt spot on the back of the house that does not want to come clean. They can be made pretty cheaply too, from some old basins, pots or metal planters you find in thrift shops or the flea market. Find one without drainage? Just drill a few holes in the bottom and you're good to go.

2. DIY Playgrounds

There are all types of ways you can create DIY playgrounds in the backyard for your kids. Not only will it improve the look of the yard, but it will put smiles on the kids' faces. Not to mention the neighbors will know that someone actually lives in that house with the jungle-like backyard. Use old tires, tree stumps, rope or even fresh lumber to build a fun-filled play area.

3. DIY Flower Beds

Whether it is on a bored concrete patio or in the middle of the grassy yard, a DIY flower bed can add some beauty to an otherwise drab area. The boys and I have been working hard on a flower bed for the front of the house, but I would love to build something like this for the backyard.

4. DIY Shed

Lawn mower scattered by a tree, rake leaning up against the house, toys strewn across the lawn. Does this sound like your backyard? Yeah, mine too. Where to put all that misc. stuff that you need, but don't want others to see? There are tons of DIY shed plans online that can help you create the perfect haven to hide your outdoor goods without spending a fortune.

5. DIY Hammock

Nothing screams relaxation like a hammock in the shade on a breezy summer day. Make your backyard more attractive and a quiet place to land with a DIY hammock. I love this one and would love to create one like it for our yard. I already have some big shade trees picked out!

What DIY ideas have you used to make your backyard more beautiful?

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  1. I love the DIY planters. I think I'll probably give that one a try!

  2. I've seriously been considering the old eyesore of a shed we have in the backyard with a newer one. Maybe I should just do it!

  3. Our back yard needs so much help right now.

  4. We don't have a backyard right now so no projects here...but the new house will probably have one - ai yi yi, something I'm not ready to think about right now LOL

  5. I love the planters and the hammock. If our backyard was fenced in I would so get a hammock but as it is someone would probably steal it like they did our pool table.

  6. That playground looks like fun and also a workout, lol.

  7. Wish I had all of that in my backyard.

  8. love the climbing rope Idea

    ps anoyomous up there needs to be deleted. Good gracious

  9. Got them Tricia. Sometimes on a busy week they slip through faster than I can catch them. :)

  10. My son (and hubby) would flip over that spider-web climbing rope. :)

  11. That playground/spider web rope thing looks awesome!

  12. I really want to try my hand at some DIY planters!



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