10 Ways to Fill That Blank Spot on Your Wall

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We all have one, a blank spot on a lonely wall that stands out like a sore thumb in some room of our house. For me, it is the living room. I have a blank spot right on the wall by the entryway. It is barren and I have been going back and forth with ideas of what to put there for a while. That of course, got me searching and I found some great wall decor ideas for every room of the home.

1. Vintage Wall Decor

Create a mix of old and new by adding a collection of vintage items to a wall in an otherwise modernly decorated room. The mix of old and new will create a mesmerizing contrast.

2. Suitcase Shelves

Decorating that blank spot on the wall with shelves made of suitcases or even old books is a great way to upcycle an old item and make it new again.

3. Picture Frame Wall Decor

Looking for a simple way to spruce up a bare wall? Purchase some empty used frames in different shapes and sizes, coat them in your favorite color of paint and hang! It's chic and cheap!

4. Graffiti Painted Wall

I love this idea for a blank wall in a bedroom. Love quotes, favorite fairy tale endings and nursery rhymes are just a few of the things that could be scribbled or painted onto a graffiti wall.

5. Photo Gallery Wall

The ever popular photo gallery wall decor is a classic idea and one that never goes out of style. You can make the  process simpler and more professional looking with a product like the AS Hanging gallery system.

6. Plate and Platter Wall Decor 

Gather some old metal plates or platters from thrift shops or garage sales and turn them into unique and eye catching pieces of wall decor. This is one wall decorating idea that I have used in my own home. 

7. Fabric Covered Canvas

This idea is great if you don't want to paint the wall and aren't too terribly crafty. Jut staple some fabric onto canvas boards and you have color coordinated pieces for any wall in your home. 

8. Map Wall Decor

Large vintage maps can be found littered throughout thrift and antique shops. They can also make delightful wall decor items if used in a creative way. I would love to have a full sized one like this for the boy's room. 

9. Odds and Ends

Decorating your bare wall with a mixture of color coordinated odds and ends is an eclectic way to get a look that is truly one of a kind. 

10. Children's Art Work

What better way to hold on to memories than to fill those blank walls in your home with colorful pieces of art work created by your children. You get beautiful art for your walls and they get to show off their talent at the same time. 

What cool ways have you found to decorate the blank walls in your home?

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  1. I really like the map idea. I've always wanted a huge map on the wall to mark off the places I've been in the world!

  2. That suitcase idea is so darn cool!

  3. I can't wait to fill our walls with frames of M's artwork :)

  4. All are wonderful ideas, but I really like the vintage wall decor the most!

  5. I love Black and WHITE photos such fun and creative ideas

  6. We have lived in our house for 3 years and are yet to hang pictures even. Thanks for the great ideas, we definitely need them!

  7. I ADORE the suitcase shelf idea!!!

  8. I think SOME space is ok.. I went to a house once that didn't have ANY space left on their wall and it was just too cluttered

  9. LOVE this!!! I am constantly working on my walls .. those suitcases are genius.



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