10 Perfect Summer Family Activities in the Great Outdoors

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I love being outdoors with the boys. Soaking up nature, history and good clean air. Unfortunately, kids can often think the outdoors are boring and that leads many families to only concentrate on summer activities like seeing a movie or hitting a local arcade. There is so much to do in the great outdoors though and so much to learn as well. With summer activities like the ones listed below, you will be able to keep the kids busy, happy and having fun outside!

1. Fishing

My boys love fishing and I loved it too when I was their age. Poles are relatively cheap and in most states, children do not require a license in order to go fishing, making it a pretty inexpensive family activity. Of course, the kids can have fun catching their own bait the night before too.

2. Disc Golf

A new twist on the traditional game of golf, this is one that people of all ages and activity levels can enjoy. Disc golf is played with a frisbee and many local parks are not incorporating disc golf courses into their available activities.

3. Hiking

It make seem like "just a walk," but hiking is so much more. Hiking is generally done along trails that cut through natural environments for both plant and animal life. Allowing you to see historical sites in national or state parks and wildlife that you may not otherwise notice.

4. Wildlife Watching

Invest in a pair of binoculars and some good field guides, and you have a recipe for countless hours of affordable family fun. I just picked up a field guide on insects, birds and desert animals for the boys to use on our camping trip this summer.

5. Camping

Tent camping is one of the most inexpensive ways to take a vacation. Want a weekend getaway but don't have a big budget? Grab the tent, pack a cooler using your usual food budget and a small campsite fee is the only expense you will have in exchange for a chance to experience a new city.

6. Boating

Boating may sound expensive, but it doesn't have to be. There are many places where you can rent boats for a small fraction of what it would cost to buy one. Be aware that you may need a permit to operate a boat in your area. You may want to look up information on a US or Canadian boat license before you decide to head out on a water adventure.

7. Star Gazing

Searching the night sky for different constellations is not only educational, but a ton of fun too. If you live in the city, try combining this activity with camping for a special outdoor experience. Starter telescopes can be purchased for very little, or you can usually find them in thrift stores like we did for only a few dollars.

8. Picnics

Picnics are the perfect excuse to head to your local park and enjoy some of your favorite summer dishes. Whether you choose to grill or bring already prepared food, it is a great chance for family bonding and great food!

9. Geocaching

This is one of the newer outdoor activities I have discovered with my boys, but they love it. If you aren't familiar with it, Geocaching is basically one big treasure hunt. There are thousands of caches hidden all over the country and you use a portable GPS or app on your cell phone to locate them. For more information, you can visit Geocaching.com, but trust me, it is a ton of fun.

10. Swimming

No summer would be complete without plenty of swimming. Whether you do it in your own backyard, the beach or a river, swimming has long been a staple of good clean summer entertainment. Bust out the swimming trunks and a few towels and have fund cooling off in the water on a hot day.

What other fun summer activities do you enjoy with the family outdoors?

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  1. Summer time is associated with fun and leisure activities. I love to go fishing, diving, swimming and of course camping. Last year I spent my entire summer in Toronto, although it was fun but I had to come back soon because of some family pursuits. But I’m planning to go over there again and spend some more time with my friends.

  2. I would spend so much time star gazing were it not for the bugs!

  3. I love summertime family fun time!

  4. Just get a good bug spray Liz. We had to do some experimenting until I found one that worked for us, but now, even when we go camping we don't get a single bite.

    Toronto sounds amazing Lily, I would love to make it up there one day.

  5. I just hate going out in summer season, because I dnt wanna burn my skin for no reason.

  6. I've heard geocaching is so fun, and have some friends that do it, I really have to get off my butt and try it with my daughter this summer!

  7. I love fishing. I can't wait to take my children so they can experience it too.

  8. I love fishing...brought back good memories, ty!

  9. Swimming is one of our top summer activities! Thanks for the tips!



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