9 Gift Ideas for Kids You That You Won't Find in the Toy Aisle

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This past weekend two of my boys went to a birthday party for a neighbor girl they often play with. The problem? I have no idea what in the world little girls like. So, as you may have seen, I asked on my the blog's Facebook page. I got some creative responses I would never have thought of on my own from a few of the ladies, and Heather suggested that I write a post about creative gift ideas for boys and girls that you won't find in the toy aisle. I thought it was a marvelous idea, so here is that post, full of ideas you can use to put together a great gift that most kids will enjoy.

1. Bundle of Art Supplies 

This is one of the options recommended on the Facebook page. Put together a bundle of art supplies along with a "How To" art book, or by themselves and allow the recipient to release his or her inner Picasso.

2. A Science Kit

Purchase a book full of fun science experiments and gather together the necessary supplies in a basket. I don't know a child alive that doesn't love a fun experiment, and this way they will have everything they need for the fun activities inside the book.

3. Gardening Kit

Pick out your favorite flower or even vegetable seeds, buy some simple planting containers, perhaps some gardening gloves, a shovel and other gardening goodies. Package them all up to create the perfect gift for any child that wants to show off their green thumb.

4. Cooking Supplies

There are cookbooks for kids all over the place nowadays, and my boys for one love to experiment in the kitchen. Choose a fun kids' cookbook, some misc. baking or cooking supplies and watch the child's eyes light up with thoughts of the yummy treats they will be able to make on their own.

5. Outdoor Explorer Kit

Yes, they do sell outdoors kits in the toy aisle from time to time, but they are often full of only a few things that may break easily and don't really work well. Put together a decent set of binoculars, a field guide of birds or other animals of your choice, an insect observation container, magnifying glass and other outdoor essentials to help any junior explorer have a great time.

6. Craft Supplies

These can either be general craft supplies along with a craft project idea book, or you can get more specific and include items to make one specific type of craft like pottery, friendship bracelets or even crocheting.

7. Pass to a Local Museum 

We have a great local museum that has animal, historical and interactive exhibits. Individual passes aren't too expensive and they would make a great gift. This provides the child with entertainment for an entire year for the cost of a moderately priced toy.

8. Stationary and Writing Supplies

Why not give a child the chance to learn how to write a true letter, one that actually gets sent through the mail? A dying art I know, but they can also do some good by writing to our troops who are stationed overseas through organizations like ForTheTroops.org.

9. Enroll Them in Classes

You would obviously need to be a family member or have the parent's approval first, but you could purchase a child music, art, dance or other classes of their choosing for a present. Giving them the ability to learn a skill is a gift that will keep on giving.

Have any creative gift ideas for kids of your own? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. I love #8, and I know a few grandparents who would love it too! In fact, I am going to do this for a party this weekend. I can tuck some cute stationary, and maybe a variety of thank you and get well notes along with a sheet of pretty envelope seals and a cute pen. Did I mention I love #8?!

  2. My daughter loves art and craft supplies.

  3. I love giving classes as gifts.

  4. LOL Heather. I think it is so sad that so many children have no idea how to write a real letter, fill out an address, etc.

  5. Those are great ideas. I usually just give money.

  6. Art supplies are ALWAYS a hit in our home.

  7. I think the last one for us…little man LOVES school

  8. These are some great ideas, Kathleen. Art supplies always seem to go over well with kids. I know my kids always seemed more thrilled with several things put together, like the art supplies or gardening supplies in a nice container, rather than a plastic toy.

  9. art supplies is my favorite idea for little girls especially! I am yet to meet a girl who doesn't love to play with colors!

  10. These are great suggestions! We're planting our first garden today so a garden kit would be great for the kids this year.

  11. I always love to gift art supplies or baking things as gifts! :)

  12. love the classes idea. My kids take them at the park district

  13. My daughter enjoys anything craft related.

  14. These are some wonderful ideas!

  15. These are great ideas! I'm always suggesting things like this to family members when they ask what my kids want for their birthdays, but they always end up buying them toys. :\



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