#Shaklee180 - On The Road to a Better Me!

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This is still my 'Move Over Fat' Monday post as usual, but I have mixed up the format a little to formally introduce my start in the Shaklee 180 program. I know that I mentioned it in previous weeks, but we officially started the program on Friday and it has been going well. I am so excited to be on this six month journey that will hopefully help me reach my weight loss and fitness goals, while helping me develop a healthier lifestyle.

{The Beginning}

You remember the pictures above I am sure. This is my starting point. This is not the heaviest I have ever been, but it is heavy enough. I am tired of being this way, I am tired of not being happy with the person who is in the mirror, of needing to try on 12 million outfits just to find one that might look decent on me before I leave the house. I don't want to be stick thin, I just want to be healthy. I want to be able to run and play with the boys without getting winded and to go into a store, pick up an outfit and know it is going to fit and not have to hide a million fat rolls. 

{Shaklee 180 so Far}

I started the Shaklee 180 program on Friday and so far it is great. I have a Smoothee in the morning, a mid-morning healthy snack, a meal bar for lunch, a snack bar in the afternoon and a healthy dinner. This means I am never hungry. The time I was ever hungry on the plan so far was on Saturday when I didn't eat my afternoon snack bar and I was starving by dinner. Other than that, I have always been full. I will admit that my first shake was a bit chalky, but then I learned the right order to blend everything up and it has been tasty ever since.


My weight from last week was 209.2 and my weight now is 208.2. So, only a loss of a pound, but I feel good about it knowing that I have done my exercising every day and not cheated on my eating. It is that time of the month, so that could be the reason why the scale didn't move more. Interested to see what next week bring.

Measurements from two weeks ago:

Bust: 41.5
Waist: 36.5
Hips: 46
L. Arm: 15
R. Arm: 14.5

Measurements Today 3/4/13

Bust: 41
Waist: 35
Hips: 44.5
L. Arm: 14.5
R. Arm: 14.5

Total inches lost: 4

Total inches lost since starting Shaklee: 1.5

Total pounds lost since starting Shaklee: 1

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  1. Yay Kathleen!!! I'm happy for you. :)

  2. Keep us posted on your progress!

  3. You just started Shaklee 180 on Friday, so that 1 pound in 3 days... that's AWEsome! You go girl! :)

  4. From your measurements vs weight loss seems like you have put on some muscle. That is great.

  5. Thanks ladies. I have been working hard and it was nice to see the measurements change even if the scale didn't budge that much. Unfortunately, I am not exercising much this week since the boys passed on their sore throats and colds to me.

  6. Look at you go! Can't wait to see how the official program goes! You got this!

  7. I want to try this - can't wait to hear how it goes!



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