My Boys Can Finally Wear White Again Thanks to #TideVividWhite

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If you are a mom and have boys, you have likely significantly cut back on the amount of white clothing you buy. Trust me, if I could, I would buy nothing but black clothing. Black shows none of the numerous stains from mud, grass, food, etc. that four boys are bound to cause. Bleach is a hassle and I have ruined too many articles of clothing with it in the past, so eliminating white clothes was really all I could do. Until now. Thanks to Tide Vivid White + Bright, my boys can once again wear white more than once.

{Tide Vivid White + Bright}

Bold moms break the rules of white with the new Tide Vivid White + Bright. No more smelly bleach and fear of ruining clothes, no more dingy dirty looking whites, the new Tide formula contains a great bleach alternative that keeps your whites and brights looking their best even after numerous washes.

{Putting It To The Test}

My boys know dirt. They are on a first name basis will all types of dirt and grime. I don't know what they do to their socks, but they can get them filthy even inside their shoes. Let me dare to put them in a white shirt and it is like they are a magnet for stains. So, we decided to put the new Tide Vivid White + Bright to the test with some of their grimiest clothes. Check out those filthy socks and the lovely cheese sauce all over this fairly new white shirt!

Before Tide Vivid White + Bright

After Tide Vivid White + Bright

So, how did it do? Pretty darn good. Notice the cheese sauce that had been soaking into the shirt for the better part of a week is completely gone. Yes, some of the socks are still a little grungy looking, but you have to keep in mind that these are old socks that have been washed with inadequate other detergents many many time before and were marinating under the boy's beds for goodness knows how long. All in all, the Tide Vivid White + Bright did an outstanding job and will definitely be on my shopping list for many years to come!

Tide Vivid White + Bright keeps whites brighter longer allowing you to break the rules of white. Learn more about Tide’s whiteness regimen by visiting DailyCandy.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tide. The opinions and text are all mine.

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