'Move Over Fat' Monday - The Evil of Eating Out

7:08 AM

I started the 'Move Over Fat' Monday meme a month ago today and though some weeks it is just me, myself and I participating, I am still going to do it. Why? For accountability. I need to be accountable this time and saying that I will be quietly accountable to myself just doesn't cut it. So, if I put it out there for the world to see, it becomes real and I have to face it each and every Monday morning.

{This Week}

As I mentioned last Monday, I started the Shaklee 180 program last Friday. So I have now been on it for a little over a week and it is surprising how simple it has been. After the first day, I was well adjusted and it has actually made my life easier, as there is no wondering what is for breakfast or lunch, or convincing myself that it is okay to stop at Chick Fil A. I have my shake for breakfast, meal bar for lunch, some healthy snacks mixed in and then a good dinner. Easy peasy.

Speaking of dinner, we actually ate out this weekend and it was hard, but not impossible. I will be honest, when we were at Chili's and I was looking at all the delicious food on the menu, what I wanted and what I should get started to blur. In the end, I ordered the Lighter Choice Salmon that was less than 600 calories and it was delicious. I ate well and I felt better for doing it.

{The Progress}

I lost three pounds this week! I was sick again all last week and did not exercise a few days, so I was surprised to see this number, but I'm happy with it and have worked hard. I was down some inches too, but have decided to list them every two weeks or once a month, haven't decided yet.

Starting weight on 2/18/13: 213
Current weight: 205
Total weight lost: 8
Total weight lost on Shaklee: 4

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  1. I agree- eating out is hard when you are on a diet!

  2. It might not be the way you wanted to lose it, but you lost it!

  3. I ended up dropping MediFast because I wanted the freedom of mixing up what I ate but this Shakeology sounds interesting.


  4. I am doing weight watchers and I'm down 12.2 lbs so far.

  5. I always feel better when I eat well too.

  6. Yay for those three pounds! It's tough when you are sick.

  7. You showed some great self-control though when eating out. Good for you keeping accountable to yourself - it's really paying off!

  8. Congrats on the weight loss & the smart choice at Chili's!

  9. I find that having 4 kids helps immensely with eating out. I just don't do it! I mean, who wants to pay an arm and a leg to listen to kids fight in a booth!

  10. LOL Heather. People who hate to cook. It is no secret that I hate being in the kitchen. There are tons of places that do kids eat free nights here, so we sometimes take advantage of them. The boys are really good in public, so I usually don't mind, but have definitely cut way back since trying to lose this weight.



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