Horrid Henry Helps Create the Perfect Family Movie Night

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Who knew that a little boys with horrible manners is just what was needed to bring a family together. Well, it's what helped bring our family together this past Saturday night. See, I love family movie nights. Snuggling with the boys on the couch with bowls of popcorn and other treats. Nothing is better. The problem? Getting the boys to all agree on one movie. Some think they are too old for younger movies and the younger ones want something that will keep them entertained the whole time. This time though, it was simple. Horrid Henry is just what the whole family ordered.

{The Horrid Henry Plot Synopsis}
"When Henry fails yet again to hand in his homework for the umpteenth time, he inadvertently sets off an unexpected and curious chain of events. He forms an unlikely alliance with Moody Margaret, the infuriating girl next door, wins a talent contest, and stands up to his ultimate nemesis. With each antic crazier than the last, Henry finds himself inexplicably trying to save the very school which he has always professed to hate! 
With a run time of 93 minutes, the movie is rated PG for some silly humor, and features a rocking soundtrack including Katy Perry, The Saturdays and LMFAO’s Party Rick Anthem and will be sure to get everyone on their feet dancing!"

{Our Take}

Horrid Henry is truly a film for the whole family. Adults will enjoy the witty and humorous parts and children will love laughing at Henry's antics. When they say Henry is Horrid, they really aren't kidding. In fact, I have worried a little since watching the movie with the boys, because they thoughts Henry's tricks were altogether hilarious and have thought about trying a few of them out.

The movie stars Anjelica Huston who I love and a newcomer to film, Theo Stevenson, who pulls the roll of Henry off all too well. Henry is basically a troublemaker and attention seeker who is always finding trouble wherever he goes. He ends up putting his school in danger and the joining forces with a girl he cannot stand to save it in the end! While there are pranks and tricks played by Henry, the theme of the movie in the end is a good one and has a strong lesson to teach children. The boys loved it and have watched it several times since. Their favorite part is when Henry is singing in the competition on stage in a uniform dress with a little girl chasing the door guard around trying to bite him on the bottom.

{Buy It}

If you are looking for the perfect family movie night film, I highly suggest Horrid Henry. It is hilarious and fun for everyone, regardless of age. The DVD with an included non-toxic slime pack will be available exclusively at Walmart stores starting March 12, 2013!

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  1. I've never heard of Horrid Henry. Glad to hear it's suitable for the whole family.

  2. I'm glad it was something you could all enjoy. Family movie nights are so much better that way.

  3. If it's as good as the books it's based on, it's no wonder all your boys liked it.

  4. That's what I love about weekends. I always watch movies!

  5. I've never heard of this movie before but we love movie days

  6. I had no idea they made the books into movies!

  7. I've never heard of Horrid Henry. Sounds like something my horrid boys would like! Just kidding! haha

  8. I haven't heard of this film but I know my kids would get a real kick from all of the antics featured.

  9. Sounds like fun! My boys would probably love this.



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