Sponsored Video - 'Easy In, Easy Out' with the New Samsung Refrigerator

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When it comes to refrigerators, ours is nowhere near top of the line. In fact, we have been wanting to replace it for quite some time now. After seeing the new Samsung refrigerator, the 'Easy In, Easy Out' convenience seems like the way to go. They have managed to streamline the design to eliminate dead space and make storing your groceries easier than ever.

{No Monkeying Around with Samsung}

Samsung wasn't monkeying around when they created this state-of-the-art refrigerator either. Contrary to what their adorable commercial above might make you think. Some of the new convenience features include:
  • An easy slide shelf that allows you to easily organize and move your groceries in and out. This eliminates that dead space that is always in the back of the shelves or the bottom of the fridge, because you never want to reach or shove to put stuff back there.
  • The bottom mounted freezer has a full open box that makes it easier to fit larger or oddly shaped items. It can also be removed for wall to wall space in the freezer area as well.
  • The guard door shelf on the door of the fridge is wider and deeper, allowing you to store tall bottles without worrying about them falling out.
  • The CoolSelect technology allows you to set the temperature control for the bottom mounted freezer with a simple touch display for optimal freshness. 
  • A MoistFresh Zone controls the air circulation for the correct amount of humidity to make your produce last longer too. 
  • Tired of having ice build up in your freezer? No longer a problem with Samsung's No Frost Technology. 
  • The Superior Digital Inverter compressor improves energy efficiency to help save you money!
Samsung has created a high tech new refrigerator that is a leader in innovation and that maximizes space in a smaller package. Perfect for those like me that don't have room for a double door fridge and freezer! 

*This post is sponsored by Samsung. 

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  1. with our narrow space in the kitchen this fridge would rock it Love it

  2. I've been curious how a bottom freezer would change things. I like the slide shelves too.

  3. Sigh.. we desperately need a new fridge but since we're renting we'll have to stick with the falling out daily things out of the freezer.. the joys of life! lol

  4. I've been wanting a fridge with a bottom freezer.

  5. I have wanted to buy a bottom freezer fridge forever. This looks great.

  6. Those bottom freezers intrigue me.

  7. I didnt even kno Samsung made these

  8. I would love to have a bottom freezer. I over pack mine and when I open it things tend to fall out and barely miss my toes...I know my toe days of missing getting hit are numbered LOL

  9. That was super cute. My fridge is in dismal condition. I've looked at them a few times, just in case mine suddenly croaks & the Samsungs are quite nice.

  10. We recently got a new fridge ourselves.

  11. I've considered getting one of these, but they're not in the budget this year, boo.



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