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I have had the pleasure of reviewing the HTC Windows 8X phone for the last month or so. Things have been insanely busy around here, and the Window 8X phone has been a tremendous help. Why? Because it helps to simplify my life. The start screen is extremely easy to customize and everything I need from my favorite apps, to games for the kids and even family pictures are easily accessible in mere seconds. Where other phones are one size fits all, the Windows 8X phone is fully customizable to meet your individual needs. Check out how this amazing little phone has helped simplify my life.

{Mobile Workplace} 

I am not usually away from home, but when I am, staying connected to work is second only to staying connected with my family. With the HTC Windows 8X phone, my start screen is setup as a mobile workplace. Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest apps make it easy for me to get my social networking on, and a blogging app allows me to quickly update my blog when on the move. Email, messaging and the camera are also readily available for checking up on details and getting that quick perfect shot when my bulky DSLR just won't do.

Moving from one screen to another is effortless with the Windows 8X phone, simply swipe back and forth. No searching for apps and programs and then multiple steps to pull them up or open them. One of my absolute favorite apps on the phone is the OneNote app. The app allows you to make quick notes. It can be a grocery list, notes at an event or just a reminder for yourself. Not good at typing on a phone? No worried, there is a microphone option that you can use to record a note with your voice. Just like the voice feature that allows you to search the Internet with your phone hands free, this app can help you keep track of important notes without lifting a finger.

{Quick Mobile Photos}

There is both a rear and forward facing camera on the Windows 8X phone and they both go a long way to helping you capture those special moments on the fly. A few week ago we went to the circus and I completely forgot my camera, but I had my phone. We got some amazing photos of the star of the show, the beautiful elephant before the circus began. Those are memories I would have missed had it not been for the Windows 8X phone. It's also simple to take your own photos with friends and family with the forward facing camera. No more asking strangers to take a picture for you.

{Kid's Corner}

Perhaps the best feature of this phone for parents though, is the Kid's Corner. From the locked phone screen, children can swipe to the left to pull up the Kid's Corner. This is an area that you as a parent have complete control over. You can load it up with apps, games, the camera and even the Internet if you like. This way, kids can be kept busy on the go without you having to worry about them accessing your personal apps, or information that may be unsafe for them.

Check out this video for more amazing features of the Windows 8X phone.

Have you tried the HTC Windows 8X phone? If so, how has it simplified your life?


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  1. I have an iPhone, and probably will not be changing phones anytime soon, but I have been hearing really good things about Windows 8.

  2. You know, I have an iPhone, but I just got a Windows 8 tablet recently. I LOVE Windows 8. I might make the switch...MAYBE. LOL

  3. The funny thing is Jennifer, that I love the Windows 8 phone, but I just got a new laptop with Windows 8 and don't care for it on there. I think I am a creature of habit when it comes to my home computer.

  4. Oh, that would be great for blog post ideas when you are out and not by the computer.

  5. I haven't tried the Windows 8x phone but I do have Windows 8 on my new computer. I am still learning the ropes but it seems like it will be great when I get the hang of it.

  6. The Kid's Corner sounds like a great feature; especially since it’s nearly impossible to keep the kids away from the phone.

  7. It looks like a really nice phone, I love the large screen. That's the one difference from my iPhone that I envy. It does seem really organized, but I don't like change and I am so used to my iPhone that I don't think I'll ever change. TeeHee

  8. Love the voice feature too. It's hard to text with a baby and a toddler hanging on you 24/7!

  9. I have this phone and I love it-- haven't wanted to switch back to iPhone.

  10. I have seen so much about this phone and it looks awesome. I'm seriously considering looking into it when my contract is up.

  11. I really like Windows 8 on my tablet, so I know how well it would act on a phone.

  12. OHHH Kids corner would be good! My son is always playing with my phone. Looks like a great phone! I just got a new phone not too long ago so I can't get this one but it looks like an awesome phone!



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