Riding in Comfort and Style with the 2013 Dodge Journey Crew

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As a mom with four young boys, it isn't often that I get something shiny and new to play with. That's why, when I was approached by Dodge to spend a week in their new 2013 Dodge Journey Crew, I jumped at the chance to ride in style, and boy is it stylish! I felt like a million bucks in this SUV, and not a day went by that someone didn't comment on it. As we all know though, the key to a good family car is comfort and convenience, and the Journey had plenty of that too!

{My Favorite Features}

We had the Dodge Journey for a week and up until the very last day, we were constantly discovering new features about this vehicle. It never ceased to amaze me how thoughtful the design of this SUV was. They literally thought of the most common problems or inconveniences and strove to fix them.


The Journey holds up to seven people and there definitely was plenty of room for our family of six. I will be honest, I was a little nervous about trying out an SUV after owning a mini van for so long, but it is just as roomy. The boys would sometimes whine about having to climb over seats and not wanting to sit in the back at times, but there was definitely plenty of room. Oh, and take a look at those seats. Do your kids like to spill things in the car? Just wipe it right off!

{Totally Customizable}

Sometimes vehicles feel like they are one size fits all, the Dodge Journey Crew is one size fits you though, or at least that is what it feels like with all the fully customizable options. From the complete movement of the seat settings, to the tilt of the steering wheel and ability to customize your climate controlled area, this vehicle can be made to fit your individual needs and wants.

Individual climate control that can be set to auto, for the driver, passenger and rear seating!

Bluetooth connectivity that can seamlessly sync with your mobile device.

Rear entertainment is customizable too, you can set the radio on one side and DVD on the other, or a separate DVD on each side. It even accepts CD's and SD cards as well!

Look at all the individual settings! 

This was my first experience with a touch screen within a vehicle and I was scared and overwhelmed at first. It really was simple to pick up though and so easy to do while on the go. 


The Dodge Journey is loaded with features that are made for convenience and simplifying life. The touch start button was a fun feature, though I would be lying if I said I didn't walk out of the car at least once without touching the button to shut it off by accident. You can even start the car from the keyless remote. No need to press the unlock button on the remote if your hands are full either, just be within range, grab the handle and the doors will unlock themselves.

The wheel is command central, with the ability to set cruise control, use voice recognition to control the features of the car and filter through the menu options with the buttons on the left. On the underside of the wheel, there are buttons that control the radio's channels and sounds for hands free tuning.

No more wondering how man mpg you get, this little screen gives you an updates average as you drive.

There are literally cup holders everywhere in this vehicle. I believe we counted 10! Not to mention, the inside of the ones in the console can be taken out for easy cleaning.

There is built in storage everywhere you look. From the passenger side seat, where you can hide your purse and other valuables from view, to both sides of the floorboard in the second row of rear seats. Don't forget the trunk, the Journey combats a small trunk area with an extra storage compartment. Perfect for stashing extra bags of groceries or overnight bags for a quick trip to grandma's.

Remember that rear entertainment that you can fully customize? Well, here it is. The screen can split into two, so no more battle of the movies with multiple kids. There is a charging station where you can charge electronics and even hook up a game system if you want.

{Just Plain Cool}

There are some features of the 2013 Dodge Journey Crew that are just too cool for words. Things that add that extra little bit of comfort and style.

Joshua was the first to notice the sunroof and the boys thought it was the coolest thing ever, especially when we were driving at night and the stars were out.

A backup camera, complete with beeps if it thinks you get too close to something. This made me a little nervous at first, but by the end of the week I was ready to pay someone to put one in my van.

See that photo up there, it says it was 28 degrees! In Florida! We were dying that morning I tell you, and the built in seat and wheel warmers ensured my fingers and bum stayed warm and toasty. I am crying right now because I miss that wheel warmer so much!

Built in booster seats. I cannot tell you what a welcomed and awesome feature this is. No more lugging seats, moving seats, scooting them to get people in the back, these things are great and perfect for little ones like Jase that still need a boost.

That my friends is a built in flashlight. Above it, yet another 12 volt charger. Know where this is? In the trunk! How cool is that?


Above all else, the 2013 Dodge Journey Crew retails for $27,995, and incredibly affordable bit of comfort and style if I do say so myself. That is a great price for a luxury vehicle like this that suits a large family as well as a smaller one and has so many extra features.

Overall, we loved our time with the Journey, the only negative I was able to find was that I could not seem to find a way to lock the lights in the rear of the vehicle. In our van we can and I do, because the boys will not stop messing with them. Other than that, the Dodge Journey definitely trumped our current vehicle and every other one I have ever owned for that matter. If you are in the market for a new car, I highly suggest taking one of these for a spin!

I was given a Dodge Journey Crew to review for a week. All words, thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. 


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  1. Oooh how I would love to drive this! Looks like a car hubby and I could both agree on!

  2. WOW looks so roomy and with 6 people in our family we can really use a vehicle like this although that electronic dash may take a few classes to work I'm not sure I'd want to sit outside to learn how to operate everything but I'd be willing to give it a try

  3. I love that it is customizable!

  4. wow, this looks crazy spacious. I could live in it! lol

  5. That looks like a great vehicle for families.

  6. Love the split screen option and the voice controls. It's really helpful to have everything you need to access right on the steering wheel too.

  7. I love so many things about this! Especially the backup camera! This would be right up my alley when we are in the market for a new vehicle.

  8. Nice looking car. I love SUV's over mini vans and the space and storage is one of those reasons.

  9. Looks nice, I like the sleek look!

  10. Now that is a sweet ride! It looks so spacious and comfy! Perfect for road trips :)



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