'Move Over Fat' Monday - Like Hitting a Home Run!

9:10 AM

That is how I feel this week. I feel like I have hit a home run and it feels amazing! I managed my calories on My Plate and FitBit all week and did not mess up once. That doesn't mean that I didn't have a slice or two of pizza all week, it means that I didn't go flat out crazy and I worked it off when I needed to. I exercised every day for at least an hour, except Saturday when I was feeling kind of off.

{The Proof is in the Pudding}

If you are really putting the work in, the results will come eventually. I have been working out every day now for weeks, doing a variety of Zumba, power yoga, circuit training and I recently added running. Unfortunately, I was not seeing much happen on the scale, in fact, it was going the wrong way. Mostly because I wasn't get enough calories. Once I figured all that out, the scale started moving down. Last week my weight was at 213 and this week, it's at 209! That is 4 pounds down!

{What's Ahead}

This coming week I plan to continue with Zumba and Power Yoga. I also will be running 3 days a week with the Couch to 5K program, because I hope to run a 5K in April! I got fitted for running shoes at a local running store this weekend, and though they were pricey, I am already noticing the benefits, so I highly recommend doing this if you have ever thought of running.

Also, my first box of Shaklee products should arrive this week, and the Shaklee180 program officially starts on Friday! I can't wait to see what an amazing boost this program is going to give to my routine. It will also take a lot of the temptation and work out of breakfast and lunch!

{Link Up!}

I want to know how you are doing on your weight loss journey. Link up, so we can come stop by and cheer you on!

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  1. I'm not really focusing on weightloss since I'm pregnant, but I gave up rice, pasta, soda and sweets for Lent and I already feel lighter. :)

  2. Breastfeeding is taking care of my weight loss right now. In fact, I'm too skinny! Never thought I'd have that problem. Gus will start solids next month though and I'll have to start watching it again.

  3. That is great Leilani, being healthy now will go a long way to help you once baby gets here.

    Wish I had that problem Jenn, breastfeeding never helped me lose weight, I stayed big even when I breastfed the boys.

  4. Man, that is incredible Kathleen :) I really need some motivation to exercise more, I only do it when the scale starts tipping on the heavy side.

  5. Go you! That's amazing that you're down 4 pounds and WOW what a difference getting enough food to eat makes, right? I'm so proud of you for all you're doing, and I can't wait to see what a difference Shaklee180 will make for you, too!

    And the "messing up" - that's the part I hate. I hate the judging that I do of myself when I don't follow what I'm trying to do, but there isn't really a better way of saying it, is there?

  6. That is the thing Tammy, I have always hated exercise and now I crave it everyday. I will do it anytime of the day or night and I have yet to find an appetite suppressant that is better than exercise.

    I know Michelle! I am so excited to receive our first box this week. This is going to be such a great program for all of us!

  7. Great job this week! I lost two pounds. I'm really looking forward to this #Shaklee180 campaign.

  8. Congratulations on this week's loss! I am excited to see how you like Shaklee.

  9. I'm having trouble with the exercise. I used to love to exercise, not sure what my problem is... I'm doing a 5k in April, too, but I detest running. I do love to dance, so I've been turning on Spotify and dancing for 30+ minutes in the evenings. :) I would love to lose 4 pounds in 1 week, that is AWEsome, Kathleen! You are doing great.



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