Make Light Work of Your Home Service Needs with Friend Trusted

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So, you know when you have been wanting to get something in your home fixed for forever, or in my case, get that junk hauled away that has built up in your garage or shed? It is a pain in the booty. First, you have to find a company that can handle your specific service needs, then you have to call them, have them come out to take a look at the job, get an estimate that you are often unhappy with and then you just get tired and give up.I have work I have wanted to hire someone to do for so long, but the process is so off putting that I just keep putting it off. Now, the Friend Trusted app turns your smartphone into a powerful tool to help you get estimates from top rated service providers in your area in just seconds, and it's free!

{What is Friend Trusted?}

Friend Trusted is a new app that you can download to help you hire a home service professional for the job you need done in just minutes. You tell them what you need done, snap a few photos and in minutes you have several quotes from companies in your area that are willing to get the work done. Friend Trusted also keeps track of ratings for that company by other users and provides you with that information so that you can hire the right provider and get the work done to your satisfaction without ever having to make countless phone calls or not get the best deal possible. They even have a guarantee because they believe in their process so much.

{My Experience}

I recently had the chance to test Friend Trusted out. I simply downloaded the app and without even having to sign up for an account I could choose what type of service I needed done. They currently have plumbers, landscapers, handymen, electricians, carpenters, movers, roofers, general contractors, cleaning services and more.

After choosing what type of work you want done, you are taken to a screen where you can enter a description of what you need done and even upload photos and videos.

The information is instantly sent to several providers and within minutes, they provide you with quotes for your work. I had my results within one minute, with quotes from three different providers and I didn't have to do any research, pick up the phone or schedule appointments to receive in home estimates.

To accept a quote, you simply click on one of the quotes you receive from a provider. From there, you can chat with providers to ask them more, see their ratings and set up an appointment for them to come out and do the work. Not ready to have work done yet, no worries, you can earn a referral bonus just by telling others about this simple free app that can make scheduling home service work a breeze.

In addition, once you have the work done, you can earn cash back just by rating the provider that you chose. How cool is that? I will definitely be using the Friend Trusted app to choose my service providers from now on and get my home repairs done without the hassle. You can download the free Friend Trusted app on iTunes.

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