10 Fun DIY Valentines Ideas Inspired by Pinterest

7:29 AM

DIY valentines

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and every year I swear the kids and I are going to make some awesome DIY Valentines for them to give to their friends, but somehow we always end up with the same store bought cards. So, this year I decided to get a jump on the game and go in search of some adorable DIY ideas, and I thought I would share them with you all.

cereal box valentines
Adorable mini cereal box valentines by Lilly Jane's Stationary.

bouncy ball valentines
Cute Bouncy Ball DIY Valentines by Jess McClenahan.

laffy taffy valentines
Laffy Taffy Valentines by Tutto Bella Blog.

car  valentines
Valentines for Car Lovers by Thirty Handmade Days.

photo valentines
Lollipop Valentines by Remodelaholic.

bug valentines
Love Bug Valentines by Dandee.

dinosaur valentines
Dinosaur Valentines by Life in Wonderland.

yoda valentines
Yoda Pop Valentines by Growing Home.

muffin valentines
Muffin Valentine by Tutto Bella Blog.

shovel valentines
I Dig You Valentines by The Fry Family.

Do you have any fun DIY Valentines ideas?


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  1. I really like those Love Bug Valentines!

  2. I just LOVE Pinterest for Valentines Day ideas!

  3. Great ideas! Pinterest is my go-to source for recipes and what not.

  4. I love homemade Valentines! They are so cute. Pinterest has some great ideas.

  5. I am seriously not crafty but I love buying cute stuff for valentines, lol.

  6. Great ideas! They are so cute.

  7. My boys would go nuts over the Yoda ones, but I really love the valentines pop with the kids holding the lollipop in their hands. cute!



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