#WinYourWay to Big Rewards with Shop Your Way

3:28 PM

Do you like shopping? Do you love great deals? Do you love sharing your favorite products and opinions with your friends and winning big? If you answered yes to all or any of the above, then you need to check out Shop Your Way and their new Win Your Way sweepstakes app. Not only can you shop for your favorite products from Sears and Kmart, but you can also earn rewards good towards discounts on purchases and win even bigger rewards and prizes by entering their simple sweepstakes.

{What is Win Your Way?}
Win Your Way is an app that is part of the ShopYourWay social shopping platform. Members will find a constant stream of new and unique sweepstakes with prizes including: ShopYourWay Rewards points, trips to locations around the country, jewelry, clothing, appliances, tools, and gadgets.
{How to Enter and Win Your Way to Great Prizes}

Winning big with ShopYourWay.com's Win Your Way portal is simple as can be. If you are not already a member of the Shop Your Way site, then you just need to sign up. This process takes only a minute or two and you can even sign up using your Twitter or Facebook accounts. Once you are signed up, you just click the "sweepstakes" link under the apps section of the menu and you're ready to win. Each giveaway has certain requirements that must be completed in order to win, but they are always really easy and fun. Here are two of the giveaways I recently entered to give you an idea.

In this Holidays Around the House sweepstakes, all I had to do was search on the Shop Your Way site for 8 tools that are a must have to keep my house in tip-top shape for the holidays and click the "want it" button to place them on my wishlist. To do this, you just hover over the product and the button will pop up for you to click. In a matter of minutes I was entered to win. There are only 107 entrants and this giveaway for 15,000 points ends tomorrow! The Win Your Way app lets you easily see what sweeps you have entered already and new sweepstakes are entered on a daily basis so you can constantly check back for more chances to win!

For the Things Are Heating Up sweepstakes, all I had to do was head over the the Grocery and Food section on ShopYourWay.com and "Like" 10 treats that my family and I enjoy. How easy is that? A couple of minutes and now I am entered to win a new gas range. I love this!

If you want a chance to win big with Shop Your Way's Win Your Way portal, then head on over and sign up. No purchase necessary. See http://bit.ly/RdfB8K for details. Be sure to let me know if you win!

This is a sponsored post with http://brandfluential.com, I am a Win Your Way blogger, though all opinions are my own.


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  1. A great sweeps! I have entered a few times.

  2. Great site. I have checked it out and love all the cool things you can enter to win

  3. I really like the odds of winning in these sweepstakes!

  4. I need to remember to use Shop Your Way more often.



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