The Cutest Birthday Cake Ever!

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Jordan's birthday is on the 19th of December, so only a few days before Christmas. Each year it seems like his special day gets taken over a little bit more by the holidays and I feel bad about that. This year, I was determined to make his day one of the best ever and it all started with a delicious and utterly awesome ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins. They have these three knew holiday themed cakes, including an elf, snowman and Santa Claus himself. These cakes are not only adorable, but they taste amazing too!

We decided to order the Santa Claus cake for Jordan, as I feel it is the cutest, but the snowman was a close runner up. I ordered vanilla cake, since Jordan is the only child on Earth who does not like chocolate and we gt cookies and cream ice cream in ours. You know how good the Baskin-Robbins ice cream is when you eat it in a cone? Well, that same creamy and rich ice cream is used in their cakes. Also, you know what is better than icing? Frozen icing, that's what. The icing was delicious too and the boys liked that it turned their tongues red. The ordering process was simple and the customer service was great.

Of course, when we went to pick up the ice cream cake, we couldn't pass up having a little treat right then and there now could we? I had a brownie sundae which I will not be showing you pictures of because I devoured it. However, I had my two oldest with me and they both had one of the new personal sized snowmen ice cream novelty treats. Joshua had the girl one, since Jordan says he loves pink so much. These were a scoop of ice cream on a chocolate cookie like treat with more delicious frozen ice cream around them. As you can see, they made the boys kind of goofy and this is the best picture I could get of them enjoying them.

I have to say, I have made some cute cakes in the past, but this Santa Claus ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins is by far the cutest birthday cake any of us has had. Jordan loved it and the only thing I would change, is that it would have been nice to have a tad more cake. As you can see in this picture, there is a ton of ice cream, but only a small layer of cake. I think this is because of the shape and it just meant more frozen goodness for us.

I still would highly recommend Baskin-Robbins themed ice cream cakes for your next birthday or get together. They really are the perfect treat!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Baskin-Robbins. I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping experience and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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  1. LOVE Baskin Robbins and those are adorable cakes.

  2. I always get my hubby's birthday cake for Baskin Robbins! Love 'em!



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