Christmas Ornament Tree Tutorial

10:18 PM

I know, there have been a lot of craft tutorials lately, but hey, I'm in a crafty mood lately. Hopefully you all aren't sick of them yet. This one was inspired by a decoration that I found for sale online. It was a porch decoration, but I made mine smaller for inside. You could use larger ornaments to place them outdoors too though, the instructions would be the same. The cost? $4 each with materials from the Dollar Tree. Obviously, if you have spare ornaments and candle holders around the house, this could be a free DIY project.


3 Large round ornaments
3 Medium sized ornaments
3 Smaller ornaments
Candle Holder
Spray Paint (optional)
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: 

Spray paint a glass candle holder with metallic paint. You can skip this step if you already have a metal holder you want to use or you want it to remain plain glass.

Step 2:

 Hot glue the largest ornament to the top of the candle holder. Be sure to center the bulb on the holder.

Step 3: 

Remove the hardware for hanging the medium sized ornament and hot glue it to the large bulb you just placed on the candle holder.

Step 4:

Remove the hardware and hot glue the last ornament on top of the other two that are already on the holder. I decided to add a bow to the top of mine, but you can use a pointed ornament for the top of just leave it as it is.

* Just a tip, be sure to center the ornaments as you place them one on top of another and use plenty of hot glue so they don't come loose.


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  1. Amazing! Im gonna make it our centerpiece. Thanks!

  2. wow that's so pretty. thanks for the idea

    jennifer marie

    lilnursejen at yahoo dot com

  3. really fun idea to share with the kids!

  4. that is so pretty and should be pretty easy to put together - love it!

  5. I would love to even use this on the Christmas Tree itself but without the candle stand of course. I think the look of a few of these scattered around would be a great length contrast next to regular single ornaments

  6. How pretty, you did a fantastic job.

  7. You did an awesome job! I love how you're decorating the house with DIY!

  8. So pretty! These types of projects make for the best keepsakes, year after year.

  9. With a different base this would make a great tree topper.

  10. Super cute, Kathleen. I was just at Dollar Tree the other day looking at all their decor items.

  11. This is such a great idea! I love how it has such a classic look to it.

  12. Goodness woman you are seriously a crafting Diva!

  13. That is gorgeous! I love the red and gold!

  14. Wow these are beautiful! You did an amazing job.

  15. I can't get over how gorgeous that ornament is! :)

  16. How do you have time for all your DYI LOL very nice.

  17. This is awesome! I am going to try making it with my kids



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