Santa Has a New Elf Named #eBay

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I love my children, but I hate that they are getting bigger so fast. I hate this for a variety of reasons and this time of year, their Christmas lists are one of them. No longer are they happy just winging it. No, they have a list of very specific items and most of them are expensive electronics. Where did my babies go? This year, Santa has a new elf named eBay. eBay has evolved over the years from just an auction site, to a location with By It Now options, individual seller stores and now, even retail storefronts. The new Toys-R-Us eBay storefront allows you to shop for brand new toys at Toys-R-Us without ever leaving the eBay site.

{Stress-Free Shopping}

The holidays are usually one of the most stressful times of the year for parents. Between work, extra outside activities, the kids being home from school and trying to pull off the perfect Christmas, it can be overwhelming. I like to shop online as much as possible. Not only can I then hide my actions from my children and help keep the spirit of Santa alive and well, but I can take my time and don't have to adhere to store hours. The new eBay and Toys-R-Us storefront is really convenient. I have been checking it out and am pretty sure it can help me finish my list of toys for the boys.

{What's On Our Santa List?}

 LEGO Star Wars Limited Edition Hoth Echo Base - Joshua is a huge LEGO fan. He has a million of them already, but they are still always at the top of his wishlist. 

Edu Science Astro Nova HD 1000 Young Astronomer's Reflector Telescope - Ever since we attended a free showing of the local planetarium, Joshua has been begging for a telescope. 

Yamaha 61 Key Electric Keyboard - Next semester, Joshua is supposed to be taking a keyboarding class in school, so he put a keyboard at the top of his Christmas list this year.  

 Hot Wheels 20 Car Gift Pack - Ever since Jase could talk, if you asked him what he wanted for a present he would say cars. Now it is no different, it is still number one on his list. 

Avigo 16 inch Pro Maxx Bike - Jase has never shown much interest in riding a bike, but now he wants to learn, so Santa will definitely be picking him up a bike this year. 

Plants Vs. Zombies Figures - When I introduced Jase to this app, I had no idea what it would become. He is obsessed with it though and wants the figures so he can play in real life.  
Razor Launch Electric Scooter - Jayden wanted a Go Cart, but Santa made the executive decision that it was just too dangerous. Instead, he will be getting one of these! 

PSP - Jordan got a PSP last year for Christmas and ever since then, Jayden has wanted one too. Ebay is a great place to find good deals on them and that is where I got Jordan's last year.

SONY PS3 320GB Game System Uncharted 3 Bundle - Jordan won't be getting much else besides this for Christmas. We already have a Wii and XBox 360, but he wanted a PS3 for Christmas. 

Star Wars Battle Pack Action Figure - I couldn't resist picking up a few action figures for Jordan, he really loves Star Wars. 

Still not quite sure what toys to get your kids? Check out the eBay gift guide for some great ideas. On the go? You can download the eBay app for easy buying anywhere, like from the doctor's office while you're in there this cold and flu season.

What's on your kids Christmas list this year?

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of eBay. I received a product sample to thank me for taking the time to participate.


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  1. eBay always has great gift ideas!

  2. the electric scooter is on our list too. I want one for me heeeheee

  3. I like all your picks, actually (but I have boys too)

  4. You can definitely tell you have boys! :) Love it!

  5. I love ebay! I shop there all the time, you can find dome great deals.

  6. I love ebay. I buy and sell on there. I bought my son a lot of Plants vs. Zombies. A lot of them come from China so you do have to plan a bit ahead. But it is well worth it!

  7. Yeah Liz, if I had to write a post about shopping for girls I would be useless. LOL

  8. Great list!! I love shopping online, it's so much easier than trying to fight the crowds.

  9. I will avoid the stores as much as I can the next few weeks... it's CrAzY out there!



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