Birds Eye Makes Veggies Adventurous for Kids

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Most of my boys like vegetables of one kind or another, so getting them to eat their veggies isn't so hard. My youngest is the only one who fights me on them, but even he loves corn. Finding new and fun ways to work vegetables into their diets can sometimes be challenging though. Birds Eye has come to the rescue of parents everywhere though. They have created a Birds Eye kids website that focuses on kid-friendly recipes that families can make together.

{Birds Eye Kid Friendly Recipes}

As part of the "iCarly iCook with Birds Eye" initiative, over 16,000 recipe ideas were developed by kids in the virtual kitchen. That is a lot of recipes and directly from the sources themselves, kids. You can find the best of these amazing recipes on the Birds Eye kids site. Some of my favorites are:
  • Yakimaniac Veggie Martians (as seen on iCarly) – Martian-ize dinnertime by letting kids add personality to these delights with edible glitter, pretzel antennas, and veggie faces.
  • Veggie Cupcakes – Let them eat cake (as long as it’s loaded with veggies). Parents can feel great about this savory, veggie-licious spin on a classic, favorite treat: the cupcake.
  • iTasty Corn Pizza with Pumpkin – Not your standard slice of pie, this pizza packs a punch of pumpkin and veggie-rich layers in every bite.
  • Taste Tester Corn Jalapeno Dip – This zesty dip deserves a fiesta. With individual tortilla bowls, kids will love this vibrant blend of colorful vegetables.
  • Veggie Smoothie – Scrumptious. Sippable. Simple. This brilliant orange smoothie will leave the kids begging for more veggies - to sip.
{Family Time in the Kitchen} 
I decided to let my oldest Joshua help me choose and create one of these kid-inspired creations featuring the Birds Eye Steamfresh  veggies. He is always begging to help in the kitchen and this was the perfect opportunity to let him. In fact, the recipe was simple enough for him to do almost completely by himself, which he loved!

We ended up choosing the Southwest Chicken Quesadilla Stackers recipe to try. First we prepared the Birds Eye Steamfresh corn in the microwave. Then, we mixed together some of the cheese, corn, black beans, pepper and garlic powder in one bowl and some canned turkey, cheese, pepper and garlic powder in another. Then, we placed a tortilla on a baking dish, topped with the bean and corn mixture, placed another tortilla on top of that and topped it with the turkey mix.

After baking for about 10 minutes, the creation was finished. We topped half with salsa and half without for a delicious lunch! Joshua was really proud to create a meal almost completely alone and I was happy to have him in the kitchen with me.

You can check out more kid-inspired recipes featuring Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables on their website and also by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

What is your favorite vegetable filled recipe to create with your kids?

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Birds Eye. I received product coupons to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.


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  1. Love Birds Eye! My mom never had a hard time with me as I love vegetables - hoping my daughter is the same!

  2. You have a little chef on your hands!

  3. I love to serve Birds Eye veggies to my family

  4. I add veggies to sauce, tacos, chili and other things where they can't pick them out if the kids are in picky moods

  5. Frozen veggies are my favorite quick meal tool.

  6. looks delicious!:) love frozen veggies

  7. My kids are soooo picky!! We eat corn and green beans..

  8. These recipes sound awesome and like a great way to get kids more involved in the kitchen too!

  9. He looks pretty pleased with his creation :)

  10. I LOVE all the different recipes and ideas you can find on their site.

  11. I need to try out the veggie cupcakes.

  12. I love creative ways to sneak those veggies in!

  13. I love how you got him to eat veggies plus help in the kitchen.



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