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A harmonious family life rests on the ability to share; whether it be a video game controller, the TV remote, or that last ice cream sandwich, being able to work well with others is of paramount importance.

One area of the home where sharing can feel particularly difficult if not managed properly, however, is the closet. If you've got kids who share a room, or are relying on a less-than-stellar bedroom closet to house the wardrobes of you and your spouse, you're well aware of how those conglomerations of clutter that pop up lead to mix-ups and headaches. These scenarios can then spill over into other areas of your home life, and before you know it, the serenity that we all crave has been disturbed!

The solution involves you putting on your designer's cap and considering long-term organizational goals. Adding custom closets will allow you to take the evolving storage needs of each person into account, as well as the stylistic and spatial requirements that the rest of your home dictates.

When customizing closets, you'll finally be given the opportunity to determine what makes up the interior with closet organization systems, which will ensure that everyone's items have the space they need to stay separate from those of the other family members.

You've worked hard to give yourself and your family a unique, personal living space; no sense in cutting corners with generic one-size-fits-all products. Custom closets will be measured and built to the spaces in question, ensuring every inch is fully utilized, and will also complement the rest of your decor that you've selected!

Make your home run smoothly by sharing the space you've got, and contribute to what will be a more relaxing environment!

Guest Post By: California Closets

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  1. My closets are crazy unorganized and I'm making it a winter goal to get them cleaned up. Wish me luck. That closet looks amazing.

  2. Now that is a closet! I am wanting to do something similar to this with my daughters closet.

  3. Wow i like that style, it looks Awesome!



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