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This post brought to you by Meow Mix. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have always owned cats. Right now, we have one outside cat that is a large black beast named Rat and we have a small inside kitten who is grey with stripes named Izzy. Rat and Izzy both have different tastes when it comes to food, but the food they ask for by name is Meow Mix. Bad joke, I know, but it is true. I just discovered the Meow Mix Tender Centers and Izzy is a huge fan! She has a tendency to want to eat everyone's people food and the Tender Centers with the crunchiness on the outside and meaty flavor on the inside keeps her off my dinner plate.

{Meow Mix Flavors for Every Cat}

Like I mentioned above, the new Meow Mix Tender Centers have a softer meaty inside that has the flavors of chicken and salmon. This is great for older cats and kitten who have more tender teeth. Some cats prefer the old fashion cat food though. Rat for example just likes to gobble his food in a few bites and could care less if the inside is meaty or not. For him, the Meow Mix Original Choice is perfect. Just crunchy goodness that has the flavors of salmon, chicken, tuna and fish. Each type of Meow Mix is packed full of the nutrition your cat needs though, so you know they are getting the best. Better yet, Meow Mix is available at Sam's Club for even more savings!

{Have a Little Fun}

We have all heard the Meow Mix jingle right? Trust me, it gets stuck in your head. Now, if you head over to the Meow Mix site, you can create your own remix of the jingle to share with friends and get a $1 off coupon! I spent a few minutes making one and it was fun. You just click on the little cat heads to choose a different cat  sound and then play it when you're done. I love the cat in the bow tie and top hat. Totally cracked me up. Go ahead and give it a try!

What type of food do your cats love best?

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