Don't Like Gambling? - 4 Other Things To Do in Vegas

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The name Vegas is synonymous with the word gambling and although all forms of gambling are prevalent in the "City that Doesn't Sleep," there are still plenty of other things to do in Vegas. I have always wanted to visit Las Vegas and when I finally get a chance, gambling will probably be on the bottom of my things to do list. What will be at the top of that list? Things like seeing award winning shows, tasting some amazing food I have never eaten before and maybe even seeking out a thrill or two.

See a Show

Apart from gambling, Vegas is known next for its amazing shows. From captivating acrobatics entertainment like the Cirque du Soleil productions to head scratching magic from the likes of masters such as David Copperfield and Crris Angel, you can easily spend hours a day enthralled by the entertainment Vegas has to offer.

Dance Like There's No Tomorrow

Want to relive your glory days and party hard? Then the well known Vegas nightclubs offer a chance to have a blast without gambling a cent away. Shake what your mama gave you at popular clubs like Marquee or  Surrender. Want something a little more low key? Check out the Ghostbar at The Palms or the Cathouse at Luxor.

Explore Culinary Tastes

You can experience food like you never have before in Las Vegas, but expect to pay a pretty penny for these culinary delights. Some of the best chefs have set up shop in Vegas to tickle your taste buds. From CUT at the Palazzo (Wolfgang Puck) to Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand, there are plenty of top restaurants to choose from.

Thrill Seeking Fun

Want to get an adrenalin rush from somewhere other than a poker table? Seek out a thrilling adventure or two along the Las Vegas strip. How about SkyJump at the Stratosphere, a 829 free fall? If that's not enough for you, take a trip to some of the city's wildest roller coasters like the Manhattan Express or the Adventuredome.

Whether you are looking for places to party, tempting new dishes, thrilling rides or captivating shows, you can find it all in Las Vegas, and so much more. Though it may be known for its gambling choices, Vegas has plenty more to offer guests.

Have you been to Vegas? What were your favorite activities there?

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  1. I want to see the Grand Canyon.

  2. I'll have to tell my sister some of these tips, she's heading to Las Vegas in January.

  3. I went but next time I'm going to do more than the strip!

  4. We loved just walking around the strip, especially at night. The lights are amazing.

  5. I was just asking on my FAcebook wall for a good crockpot recipe. I wish I would have seen this earlier since I've already started cooking another recipe

  6. My hubby and I aren't gamblers but we've been to vegas twice and LOVED it! Our fav was definitely the shows!

  7. Vegas is such a fun place. I don't really gamble and I had such a blast there!!!

  8. This is one of the places I would like to visit with hubby one day.

  9. I have only been there twice, saw some awesome shows, I know my hubby wants to get out there.

  10. I have a weakness for buffets lol so I would love to go again for the food!

  11. If your looking for other great things to do in Vegas why not try Shooger? It has so many sweet deals and savings you won't have time to gamble!

  12. The shows and food sound like fun. I'm not a gambler so I would need other sources of amusement.



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