DIY Spooky Spider Wreath

9:21 PM

I had an idea for a spooky Halloween wreath, but I didn't want to pay $14 for a styrofoam wreath form. So, I headed to a local thrift shop, found an old ugly yarn wrapped wreath and bought it for all of $.75. I dismantled it and turned it into a delightfully frightful DIY spooky spider wreath. The total cost was $4.00 and I think it looks pretty darn cool. The step by step instructions are below.


  • Styrofoam wreath form in your choice of sizes. The flat ones are easier than the round tube ones to use. 
  • 2 Packages of Spanish moss or other decorative moss. I got mine at the Dollar Tree.
  • 2 Pack of large spiders. Again, mine were $1 at the Dollar Tree.
  • Several small spiders. These were spider rings that we already had in our old decorations.
  • Hot glue gun
Step 1:

Use hot glue to adhere your moss to the wreath form. I like the Spanish moss because you can stretch it out and it covers really well without being bulky or falling off easily. Be sure to do the front face first and then you can go back and do the outside top ring and inside ring. I did not bother with the back since you can't see it when it is hanging up. 

Step 2:

Hot glue the spiders where ever you like on the wreath.

Step 3: 

Use string or a wreath hanger to hang up your creation and enjoy!

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  1. What a cool wreath! It makes my skin crawl a little bit though. I bet it will be a huge hit with the trick-or-treaters this year! :D

  2. That's so cool. Wish I were "crafty"

  3. Those spiders are monstrous in size!

  4. You are so crafty and creative, Kathleen!

  5. Love it and perfect for the upcoming season.

  6. You are so creative. I think I could even handle this one. Thanks!

  7. This is so cool, and I hate spiders! ~lol~ Love this wreath, though!

  8. How creative and spooky too! Great ideas

  9. That is awesome!! I want to make a fall one.

  10. Love it! I'm going to do a Halloween wreath with my girls, but I think I'll make ours less spooky and more fun since my girls aren't too keen on spiders.



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