DIY Facebook Page Halloween Costume

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My oldest Joshua broke him arm a few weeks ago when he climbed a tree he was told a million times not to climb and of course fell out. So, the kissing booth costume he had planned on wearing wouldn't work anymore with a broken arm. I went on the search for a new costume that I could make that would be unique and that he would actually wear. He is at the pre-teen stage where very little is considered cool. I saw this Facebook page costume idea and he loved it, so we ran with it. Turns out, he won the costume contest at the event we went to this weekend and the costume as a big hit!


Thick Poster board
Box Cutter
Sharpie Marker
Blue Marker or Paint
Sticky Back Velcro
A Belt

Step 1: Find a Facebook logo, insert it into a Word document adjust it to the size you want and print. You can also choose to just draw the Facebook logo on the board, but I printed it.

Step 2: Figure out who you want to put on your friends list, grab the images online, insert them into a Word document, adjust the sizes (I used 2.46 inch squares) and print.

Step 3: Print out an image to go in your activity section if you want. I used a picture of Halloween Horror Nights.

Step 4: Glue the Facebook logo to the top of the poster board and fill in the rest of the area across with blue markers or paint.

Step 5: under the top Facebook blue boarder on the left side of the board, use box cutters to cut a hole that is large enough for your head.

Step 6: Put your personal information off to the right side of the hole for your head. This can include your name, location and relationship status.

Step 7: Put your status update section and Wall underneath the hole for your head on the left hand side of the board. Be sure to leave plenty of room for people to write on your wall.

Step 8: Draw the Activity and Friends section on the right side of the board. In activity, put things like "Became friends with so and so." or "Liked so and so." Glue the friends you printed out earlier in the friends section.

Step 9: Attach a strip of Velcro to the back of a belt and buckle it behind your back on the level where you want the board to be, so that your head is in the cut out hole in the board. The other strip of the Velcro will be on the back of the board. If you have two working arms, that will probably be the only piece of Velcro you need as you can use a hand to stabilize it. Joshua didn't, so I put Velcro on the shoulder of his shirt and attached that to the board too.

Step 10: You can also Velcro a Sharpie to the board to let people write on your wall if you want.

Do you have any clever Halloween costume ideas? Leave them in the comments below!

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  1. Rofl!!! I love this! You are so creative!

  2. Lol. That is the most creative idea ever!

  3. That's a really neat and unique idea for a costume!

  4. So, Creative dear .. Love the way you think..

  5. Great idea - so fun! And we hope his arm heals quickly!

  6. Way to roll with the punches (or the tree-climbing accidents) :)

  7. <3s his mommy! Love it! This is so cute!

  8. One of the best Halloween costumes I've seen in a LONG time. Way to go!!

  9. LOL Donna. He was really thrilled with that line.

  10. Now THIS is an original costume idea!

  11. LOVE that people can write on the 'wall'! Awesome.



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