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I know we are all very familiar with the "Yo Mama" jokes. They were big when I was in school and the same exact ones are still circulating around to my kids in school now. Do you remember this one? "Yo Mama so poor, she shops at the Goodwill." Well, my 10 year old knows it and he was absolutely horrified when I loaded him in the car this weekend and declared we were going to Goodwill. That's right, this mama shops at Goodwill. The horror!

To a 10 year old boy, it was hard to grasp how I could break such a cardinal rule of coolness. Didn't I know people made fun of those who shopped there? Well of course, but I can't for the life of me figure out why. Now, the boy's clothes I buy new 99% of the time and they usually come from The Children's Place, just because they are so hard on them and need new good quality things.

When it comes to my clothes though, I am all for a bargain. That being said, Goodwill has gotten a lot pricier over the years, but that didn't stop be from scoring a $68 new with tags still on it Black Ann Taylor sweater for $4. Or what about the adorable long sleeved Ralph Lauren Cardigan that I snagged for $2 on Monday when all clothes were half off? I love the treasure hunt of it all too. Digging through the racks to find those perfect pieces that are just my size. And the best part? I spend a little and get a whole lot.

See this dress and these boots? Yep, they are from Goodwill.

This top, cardigan, shoes and leather Banana Republic bag are all Goodwill too!

By the time we left that Goodwill store several hours later, Jordan was sporting an almost new pair of Nike high tops and calling it the best store on Earth. Now he proudly proclaims, "I know why they call it Goodwill, because everything in here is good." LOL

So, why is it that you think society has come to look down on those who try to be thrifty? Are you a Goodwill shopper and proud of it too? Feel free to chime in below!

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  1. Totally down with the Goodwill. My area has a very active Freecycle community. Only thing better than cheap treasures are free treasures! I love repurposing. Adorable pics! I especially love the yellow top with the black and white cardigan :)

  2. I love shopping at Goodwill! I always find a bargain...

  3. I think when we were kids people thought of the Goodwill shoppers as people to look down on.. but this new generation is ALL about shopping at the goodwill.. which is one of the reasons the prices are so high... my kids all love thrifting... and garage sales and craigslist/freecycle.... they are all over it!

  4. Not only did you score some nice bargains but you taught your son a couple of excellent life lessons - to be frugal, and not to be so quick to judge others! Bravo!

  5. I love finding a good deal, but it's the hunt that I don't like. I used to love going to stores like Goodwill, but now, I guess with the busyness of everything, I just don't want to or have the time to.

    You found some great pieces though. Way to go.

  6. The Goodwill and thrift stores, in general, have great finds. I shop all the time at our local thrift stores. You get a great bargain, and the proceeds go to help others in need.

  7. I like to browse the thrift stores. I saw an old SLR at one and wanted to get it desperately. Hubby thought I was crazy. Never know it may have worked!

  8. Love shopping at the Goodwill and other thrift stores. I even have my daughter addicted to it now.

  9. I have found some great deals at Goodwill. You just need to take your time and go through the racks. There are hidden treasures mixed in there.

  10. Goodness I have shopped there for years- it's GREEN to shop Goodwill and you are right the prices have gone up :)
    ellen beck



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