The Progression of a Mom's Summer To Do List

7:00 AM

Summer is a fun time to for kids and as a parent, I enjoy the extra time to play and bond with them. However, there comes a time in the summer when most moms reach a breaking point. A point at which they are no longer getting their "to do list" checked off. A time when the kids are played out and just plain tired of looking at each other. During this time, the daily progression of a mom's summer to do list looks something like this.

Yes, this was given a little extra exaggeration for dramatic effect, but please tell me I am not alone?

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  1. You are so not alone! It seems to be the normal around our house!

  2. lol. you are so not alone. I live in my PJ's most days

  3. Ha! You are right on the money with this one. Love the illustrations!

  4. You are definitely not alone! My kids are tired of looking at each other, to do lists are stalled and there are days that none of us get dressed...Life is Good :)

  5. That made me LOL. But you are definitely not alone. I had a breakdown the other day dealing with similar happenings.

  6. You are NOT alone... only my little one is too young to go to school in a few weeks. It's summer schedule all year round here!!! AAACK! ;)



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