Teach Kids to Save, Share and Spend With An Online Chore Chart

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There has been a lot of discussion about chores and allowance on my blog this week. Most recently, there has been a discussion on whether most parents choose to give an allowance or not. The answers seem to be about 50/50 on that question, but almost everyone agrees that they do give rewards for at least some chores. In our home, we give monetary rewards only for chores that go above and beyond. It is sometimes hard to keep track of the boy's chores though and to teach them about saving, spending and even sharing their money with those in need. My Job Chart is a great digital solution for arranging chore lists online and allowing kids to manage what they earn.

{About My Job Chart}

I could type out a description about what My Job Chart is, but it is way easier to just show you with the short video below.

{Why I Like It}

My Job Chart is basically an online chore chart. Kids like it because it is digital and they can login on their own to check off their list and earn points. You as the parent can login to see exactly what your kids have done and how much they have earned. Each chore you put on the list is able to be given a point value, you can even set it at 0 points for those chores that are required and do not give a monetary reward.

Children earn points for the chores they do and they can then decide how much they want to save, spend and share with charities that are suggested through the site. There is incentive to earn the points and rewards, because there is an integrated Amazon.com ordering process. Kids can earn their points, pick out a reward and it will send a message to you that the reward need to be ordered. This way, there is no more begging when you walk into a store to spend their money and they can really focus on what they want to save up to earn.

The best part? My Job Chart is absolutely free. It costs nothing to give it a shot and see if it works to help teach your children responsibility.

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  1. I need to do this with my daughter. She is awful about saving money.

  2. How cool. What a great way to teach kids about money and encourage them to do their chores.

  3. I need to check this out for Jake. Getting him to do his chores or help out around the house has been a nightwear lately.

  4. What a great program! We could use that here.



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