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"Mom he touched me," "I'm bored." We have all heard phrases like that out of our kids mouths while waiting in the doctor's office, riding in the car or even sitting in our own living rooms. There is hope for fed up parents though. The new MobiGo 2 from VTech can help keep smaller kids busy so you can grab a moments peace. After all, a distracted child is a quiet child and they might as well learn while they have some fun too!

{About The MobiGo 2}

The MobiGo 2 is the second version of the wildly popular MobiGo handheld game system for children ages 3-8 by VTech. It features all the great qualities of the original MobiGo with some amazing new features as well. These new features include:
  • Motion Games
  • Downloadable Games
  • Photo Gallery
  • Full Color Touch Screen
{Our Take}

We are happy owners of the original MobiGo. My youngest Jase loves it and plays with it often. His brothers all have video game systems and the MobiGo gave him the ability to join in the fun of handheld play without me having to worry about it being too difficult or inappropriate for him. He loves the new MobiGo 2 even more now.

One of the best features of the new MobiGo 2 system is the touch screen and it comes with a stylus pen too. He also loves the new motion games. It really allows him to get in on the action and adds another level of entertainment to the system.

My absolute favorite thing about the MobiGo 2 is the fact that it will actually store the downloadable games from the computer. The original system that we had would let you download the games from online, but every time you switched the system off, it would delete them. Now, the games stay in the library on the system and you can play them over and over again. There is a huge selection online and ebooks are going soon, which are great for early readers!

When you first get your system, you place the included disk in your computer and download the Learning Lodge Navigator program. After you setup the profile for your system and child in the Navigator, you can download new games by entering the download center shown in the picture above. Simple huh?

The photo gallery is another fun feature that has been included with the MobiGo 2. Now your child can take their favorite family photos with them wherever they go. Just download the photos into the system from a computer and the kids can even turn them into a slideshow complete with different tunes. 

The old MobiGo catridges are all compatible with the new system as are the previously purchased or downloaded games in your online account. We had a ton of already downloaded games and they were simple to add to the MobiGo 2 from the "my downloads" section. 

{Buy It}

Do you have a child ages 3-8 who wants to be a "big kid" with a handheld game system? I would highly recommend the MobiGo 2 as an interactive learning tool that is also a ton of fun for little hands. You can purchase the MobiGo 2 on the VTech site for $59.99 and there are a wide range of cartridges available too with kid's favorite movies including Tangles, Cars and Toy Story. 

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech. I received product samples to facilitate my review.

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  1. This is awesome, we have all the Mobigo 1 games so it's good to know that we can use those on a new system.

  2. Great review! I'm sure my daughter would love it!

  3. I've seen MOBIGO2 reviews and having the original MOBIGO I just know this has to be another home run with kids

  4. What a fun little game! I love that younger kids can play with it alongside their older siblings and it's totally appropriate!



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