Get Ready for Back to School with Free Haircuts and Health Checks

10:35 AM

It is almost time for kids around the country to return to school. The boys will be going back in about two weeks and we are mostly ready. One thing I dread every year is taking the boys to get their back to school haircuts and health checks. It can get pretty expensive with four of them. This year, JCPenney and Sam's Club are helping parents get their children ready to head back to school with free health checks and haircuts.

Free JCPenney Haircuts in August

JCPenney is offering a free haircut to any child during the month of August. I scheduled the boy's appointments last week and they will be getting their cuts on August 14th. This is a huge savings for our family, as four children's cuts can easily cost $40. You can find a location near you and call or go in to make an appointment.

Free Health Check at Sam's Club

On Saturday August 11th from 11 am to 3pm, you can take your children into your local Sam's Club for a free health check. The checks include tests for DNA, fingerprinting, oral health, BMI checks and blood pressure. They are also partnering with Sesame Street this month to give away free "Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me" packs to teach kids great habits for taking care of their teeth.

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  1. I so wish I could do this, because my son needs a haircut desperately, but he is in a play that doesn't open until Aug. 17 and runs through the first of Sept., and he cannot get his hair cut. :/

  2. I love that JCPenney is offering free hair cuts! That's totally awesome!

  3. I need to get my daughter over there.

  4. I've taken my girls to JCPenney and it was a spectacular find. I think I'll take the kids into Sam's Club for fingerprinting as well. Thanks!



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